Why It’s Cool to Have an Adjustable Bed

Queen bed

Jennifer decided she wanted to bring her bedroom to the next level. She created a vision board for what she wanted. It had beautiful pictures of built in bookshelves, hand stitched duvets, and to-die-for wallpaper. At the very center of the board, however, was a brand new, beautiful, adjustable bed. She had wanted an adjustable bed her entire life and she felt like know was the time to make it happen. When she showed her friends her vision board, they questioned her excitement about electric beds. She quickly broke down for them the five reasons adjustable electric bed was absolutely a must-have:
1) Options Jennifer explained to her friends that one of the biggest benefits of adjustable beds is that they have so many options. Whether its the variety of sizes of adjustable beds or the option to include heat or massage, you can truly customize your mattress to meet your needs. Every body is different, shouldn’t every mattress account for that?
2) Lounge Heaven Part of Jennifer’s vision for her bedroom was to hang a large TV to allow her to binge watch her favorite shows from the comfort of her bed. An adjustable bed was critical to this plan because the ability to move the top of the bed up into a seated position meant she would never have to strain her neck to see the screen. Her friends had to admit that watching TV comfortably while in bed definitely did seem appealing.
3) Elevated Comfort One of the biggest advantages of adjustable beds is their potential to increase your comfort. Between the fact that you elevate the head of the bed to prevent unwanted pain from leg curling, to the benefit that adjustable beds may help relief pressure on certain parts of the body and support your ability to to get a better night sleep, Jennifer knew she would be resting easy on her amazing new mattress.
4) No More Sheep Getting better sleep was a top priority for Jennifer. Her current room had such a busy and chaotic energy and she felt like this stopped her from really enjoying quality sleep every night. Because her new bed would help her pick exactly the right position for her comfort, plus allow her the option to add extras to make her mattress a virtual oasis, she knew that she was on her way to better rest.
Though her friends were initially skeptical, Jennifer pretty quickly opened their eyes to the benefits of an adjustable bed. They were really convinced that Jennifer would probably have the most comfortable bed on the block, plus have the enviable ability to comfortably watch TV in her bedroom. Jennifer assured her friends that they were welcome to take her new bed for a ride when it arrived and she was happy to start a trend of better comfort and sleep!

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