Interested in Helping Families in Need? Here’s How to Give Donations of Clothing to All Age Groups

Veterans clothing donations

Each year in the United States, Americans donate approximately 4.7 billion pounds of clothing to charity organizations. These donations help to provide clothing options for families and individuals in need, often at no cost or, for around one-fifth of all donations, at a reduced price in secondhand shops.

But just what should you donate if you’re looking to give away your gently used clothing? Here are a few ways you can help family members of all age groups, including people with special needs:


As any parent knows, it’s difficult to keep up with the needs of growing children, especially when it comes to buying clothing. One of the easiest ways of helping families in need is to give donations of clothing for children of all ages and sizes. Giving parents access to free or inexpensive clothing options for infants, toddlers, kids, and teens is an excellent way to help serve your community, especially if your children have already grown out of these items.


The needs of adults who rely on donations of clothing can vary depending upon where they work, how old they are, and what sort of lifestyle they have. Some people over the age of 18 find that they have trouble affording professional work wear and need donations of suits, dresses, shirts, ties, and more. Others, however, may need more casual clothing for work or relaxation time. Additionally, pregnant women in need might rely on donations of maternity clothing, which is often expensive when bought new and only worn for a short time. Make sure that any gently used clothing donations you have go toward charity organizations that help adults at all stages of life.


Many senior citizens may no longer need professional garments, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need clothing donations. Choose clothing that is comfortable to keep in mind the seniors that may have limited mobility. Some seniors have health problems like poor circulation that make staying warm difficult, so give soft sweaters and sweatshirts to these senior charities, too.

Disabled Family Members

Another thing to consider before donating is whether you have any clothing that would be suitable for disabled individuals. For example, wounded veterans charities might collect disabled veterans donations of clothing to give those in need garments that can be worn comfortably and easily. This can include anything from workout outfits that will help those in physical therapy to garments that pull over the head or fasten easily for people with mobility issues. Therefore, it’s important that clothing donations are also inclusive of the disabled population and their needs.

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