How to Decorate a Nautical Theme With Purpose

Nautical barometer

Everything sailors use, they use for a reason. Though often times these nautical items are kept for pragmatic reasons, their use often takes on deep, symbolic significance. That’s why sailors will often get such nautical items as anchors, propellers, or harpoons tattooed.

When planning and designing a nautical theme, taking such symbolic meanings into account can make your design seem not only more intentional — with more purpose — but also more well arranged. Here are a few ways you can incorporate these symbolic meanings into your own nautical theme, choosing more purposeful places to place your nautical home decorations.

Compasses Above the Door.

Compasses are obviously incredibly important tools for sailors. They help them chart the open seas to find their way around the world. Often times, people like to hang these nautical items above their doors as a way of saying that they hope their friends and family always find their way home safely.

Replica Diving Helmets on the Mantel.

In the early 19th century, German-born British engineer Augustus Siebe designed a diving helmet with a large valve fitted over an airtight canvas suit that would become iconic. It was the first effective diving dress, and was the prototype for the hard-hat rigs that are still used today. Used to plumb the depths of deep waters, these nautical items have an air of mystery and intrigue, which is why they make perfect conversation pieces for anyone’s mantel.

Rope on the Walls.

Sailors used to get rope tattooed around their wrists as the mark of being a Deckhand, a lower naval position. Often times, people like to hang rope on the walls of their home not only for decorative purposes, but also as a reminder that if you work hard enough — hard like a Deckhand — you can do anything.

Keep in mind that these are all just suggestions. You can place your nautical decorations anywhere you’d think they’d look great, but placing these nautical items above your door, on your mantel, on your wall will work tremendously well with the rest of your theme, no matter what you might have planned.

If you have any questions, or know of any other great places to put nautical items, feel free to share in the comments.

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