How to Donate Your Clothing to Charity in Unique and Useful Ways

Donations to veterans

According to current research estimates, roughly 70% of Americans donate to charity at least once per year. However, that amount could be higher if more people knew where to donate and what to give. The good news is that there are just as many ways to donate as there are charities, and some of the easiest things to give are gently used clothing donations.

Why donate clothing? Many people purchase clothing and toss it in the trash when they’re “done” with it. But this is contributing to pollution in a big way: as much as 12 to 13 million tons of clothing and textiles wind up in landfills each year in the United States alone. That clothing could have been used in clothing donations to charity instead.

Charitable clothing donations are a major resource for helping families in need in the United States. Many times clothing donations are given directly to those who need them, and in other instances they are sold in charity-run secondhand shops, with the proceeds benefiting those in need. Other companies recycle clothing, so it can be broken down and remade more sustainably, which helps everyone. And there are other ways to donate, too, that make it easy for anyone to participate in this simple method of giving. Here are a few examples of ways in which the average person can help:

    1. Drop It Off: Dropping off clothing at a favorite charity or thrift store is a great way to help. These organizations can also give donors paperwork that could help lower their tax bills at the end of the year. Dropping off is perfect for smaller donations and larger donations, too.

    2. Call Clothing Donation Pick Ups: For those who can’t drop off clothing or have a lot to give, they can call a donation pick up. There are all types of organizations out there, including Purple Heart donation pick ups that benefit veterans and their families. Calling for a Purple Heart donation pick up or similar service offers families and those with limited mobility an easy way to help out in their communities.

    3. Organize Charitable Giving: Those with ties to a church, school, or community center in their area may be able to help organize an event if there are no other options. By creating a charity event, other community members can also give to those in need.

Those with questions about how to help local charities and Purple Heart donation pick ups should contact those organizations to find out where and when to donate clothes. Leave a comment below for more info! To see more, read this:

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