Three Reasons You Need to Use a Non-Toxic Bed Bug Treatment

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You wake up in the morning as you would any other, but for some strange reason you’re a little bit itchier. Groggily, you head to the bathroom to shower and brush your tooth as your normally would, but something catches your eye. That spot on your shoulder you were itching is covered in little red bumps.

A creepy wave of realization washes over you: you’ve been eaten by bed bugs.

Your next logical move is to call the exterminators, but hold on. Instead of calling fumigators, you need to call thermal remediation services, who offer the superior bed bug solutions. Here are just a few reasons why.

Pesticides Are Risky.

In just two years, professional bed bug treatments that used chemicals were linked to 81 cases of pesticide poisoning. Exposure to these hazardous chemicals used to kill bed bugs can cause nerve damage, cancers, or even death. Thermal bed bug treatments, on the other hand, pose no ancillary, harmful effects.

Pesticides Are Environmentally Hazardous.

Unfortunately, over 98% of pesticides find their way into the earth’s ecosystems. These toxic chemicals used to exterminate parasitic life forms have a bad habit of getting into the air, soil, and water of an area where they’re used. Consequentially, non-target species, like birds and fish, die as a result of this pollution. Thermal bed bug treatments, however, pose no threat to the environment.

Pesticides Aren’t Nearly as Effective.

Thermal bed bug treatments are the most effective bed bug treatments. Bed bugs have evolved defenses, like thicker exoskeletons, stronger nervous systems, and detoxifying enzymes, which make them 1,000 times more resistant to pesticides than they were 10 years ago. Now, it takes about three chemical treatments to effectively exterminate an infested area, while it only takes one thermal bed bug treatment to achieve the same results. By heating homes to 140 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours, a thermal bed bug treatment effectively kills bed bugs no matter how thick their exoskeleton may be.

Basically, pesticides are not only dangerous, but ineffective. To safely and effectively eliminate bed bugs, you need something more. If you have any questions about thermal bed bug treatments, feel free to ask in the comments. For more information see this.

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