3 Ways Churches Can Preserve an Historic Feel With Pews

Church steeple

For at least 1,000 years of Church history, congregations stood during a service, free to move around and mingle with other congregants. However, the addition of a sermon as a central part of Protestant worship led to the rise of the church pew, now used in nearly every church apart from a few orthodox denominations. For many, these pews are a mainstay that appear to have always been in place. But whether your church’s pews truly are hundreds of years old or whether you’re building a brand-new worship space, you may need to think about engaging some pew-related services.

Church Pew Refinishing

Church pews used for many years are generally built out of solid wood. This means that they’ll last a long time into the future, as well. However, like all furniture, pews need periodic refinishing. This process may need to be completed even more frequently if the pews are upholstered, rather than having removable (and therefore easily replaceable) cushions. It’s a good idea to keep pew refinishing as a regular item in your budget, saving over time so it doesn’t come as an unexpected expense.

Church Pew Matching

Being able to expand your church is cause for celebration. However, it can cause a dilemma when it comes to deciding between keeping your old seating or using more modern chairs. One option to maintain a consistent, historic feel in your sanctuary is to have custom-made pews built to match the existing ones. This way you can retain your church’s heritage and avoid the distraction of disjointed seating systems.

Church Pew Creation

People of many religions have believed for thousands of years that a beautiful sacred space can enhance one’s connection with God. Having pews built for a new church provides a beautiful, practical legacy that congregants can enjoy for many years. Pews can still be built in antique styles, or made more sleek and modern to match newer styles of architecture.

If you like the look of antique church pews, but don’t have the budget for custom building, you can also consider buying used church pews and having them refinished. Second hand church pews can often have many years of life left, if they were built sturdily in the first place.

Do you attend a church with pews? Do you prefer pews or chairs when it comes to church furniture? Discuss in the comments.

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