What does your Flad say about your Household?

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In 2013 alone, different households throughout the United States have spent about $29.5 billion on maintaining their gardens. And what exactly is one thing that are putting in their gardens? Decorative flags! Of all the gardeners in the United States, 22% are retired and 54% are females. Flags decorative and bright blow through the breezes of their gardens. If you go to any garden store or super center you will find quite the selection of flags. They come in a all different sizes and colors and designs. The range of flags to choose from are wide. Seasonal flags, holiday house flags, wedding garden flags, the options are endless. I have even seen a hello kitty flag in a garden in my neighborhood. People who have gardens take great pride in their work. Someone’s garden can say a lot about who they are or what they value. The color of flags can have a special meaning as well. If a flag is white or has white on it, that represents peace and honesty. If you see a flag that is red or contains red is a symbol of valor, strength and bravery.

Flags decorative in yards and gardens add a nice feel to your home. You can find decorative holiday flags for almost any holiday imaginable if you feel festive. You can eve buy flags online at a cheaper price or in bulk. Sometimes you can even some across a flag store that is clad with flag accessories, flag hardware, and flagpoles. Most people have holiday flags for the main holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day, and Valentines day. But, you can even find a Peanuts flag if you are fond of the famous comic. If you are looking for something a bit smaller and less intrusive, maybe some nice decorative mailbox flags will be more up your alley. Either way, you can find a flag for any season, holiday, or interest, so have fun with your decorating!

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