They’re Not Just for Waving Top Three Fun Uses for Flags

Primitive garden flags

Flags have been a staple of celebrations for years. There’s hardly a national holiday that goes by where you can’t easily find scores of folk cheerfully waving one flag or another. Flags aren’t just useful for waving, though; here are three alternative uses for flags:

1. Claiming Ownership

Whether it’s by one person, a club, a family, or a country, flags have been used to say “this is mine” for millenniums. Just as Neil Armstrong thrust an American flag into the moon, you can lay claim to your land with a flagpole of your own, but just remember that he had the full force of the American government behind him before you go trying to claim your neighbor’s yard. While you’re in your yard, though…

2. Garden Decoration

One of the best places to stake your claim to the land is the garden. Millions of Americans have gardens, some of whom have retired to focus on them, so for them every detail is crucial. Those garden house flags serve as beautiful decorations in addition to markers. The color of the flag ought to be chosen according to the season; earthy colors may match the vibrant Spring foliage more than others, while brighter colors may look more beautiful against the stark background of snow in the Winter. You can order those seasonal house flags online as need be, though if seasonal house flags are sold at a nearby store, you may be able to save on shipping. You may also be able to buy them in advance when they are on clearance, if you have enough foresight; after all, what better way to save on seasonal house flags for the winter than to buy them once winter had ended?

3. Communication

One last way that flags can be used is a surprising one: language. This is one of the oldest uses for flags and was known as semaphore. By waving and holding different colored flags in specific patterns, one can transmit a message to anyone who can see them and knows the language. Body language has never been such a relevant term. Granted, if you aren’t very skilled at the movements, the message you transmit may be that you aren’t very good at semaphore. Which of these uses came as a surprise to you?

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