Filtered Water Dispensers and Home Systems Good for You and the Environment

Water filter

Did you know that your drinking water could contain a variety of chemicals, pesticides, and other potentially harmful substances? Many people are unaware. However, if you’ve ever noticed that your drinking water has a bad odor or harsh taste, this may be the result of chemicals and other compounds in your water.

Fortunately, there are ways to make your drinking water safer. From countertop filtered water dispensers to complete home drinking water filtration systems, there is a solution for every home and each family’s needs. If you’re considering making the switch to a filtration system, but you’re not sure if you should, here are some reasons why filtered water is best for you and your family.

1. One of the most well-known facts about drinking water is that we need to drink water each day. The recommended amount is eight glasses containing eight ounces of water per day, although individuals who participate in strenuous physical activity should typically drink more water. Without water, we can suffer from dehydration, which can manifest in the forms of muscle cramps, headaches, and nausea, along with other symptoms which can cause discomfort and be potentially dangerous.

2. As a result of our need for plenty of water every day, we also need to make sure that our water is clean. Although our drinking water is cleaned in our municipalities, it is still subject to harsh industrial chemical treatments that can make our water smell and taste horrible. The substances found in some drinking water can include chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, volatile organic compounds such a benzene (a known carcinogen), and microorganisms.

3. Some critics may claim that drinking water straight from the tap is safe and that the amount of chemicals and other substances in the water is negligible. However, even chemicals such as chlorine in drinking water can have a negative impact on our health if too much of it is present. Pesticides and herbicides can also be dangerous, and they can be difficult to remove from municipal water supplies once they have seeped into the water table. Using a countertop filtered water dispenser or water filtration system may remove these contaminants from your water.

4. One of the biggest advantages of water purification systems at home is that they can save you money. Some households can save up to $1,000 per year. Where does this savings come from? By being able to drink your tap water once more, either through a countertop filtered water dispenser or after using a water filtration system, you can say goodbye to expensive bottled water. Not only does bottled water cost us a lot of money; it also leaves behind a huge carbon footprint when those bottles wind up in our landfills.

When it comes to something as essential as water, the choice is clear. Using a water filtration system in the home is a smart choice for our bodies and our environment. You don’t have to deal with the odor, taste, and danger of tap water any longer. Find a water filter that’s right for your home, and leave questions and comments below. Good references here:

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