Four Moving Tips You Need to Know

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Moving across the country is of course going to be much different than moving across town. Long distance moving can be much more rewarding, but it can also be much more taxing on our lives–causing undue stress and anxiety. To help you have the best experience., here are a few long distance moving tips to help!

1. Select Your Movers Carefully.

While you might not feel like you’ve got enough time to be as selective, it’ll pay off in the long run. You’ve got to take extra care when choosing long distance movers. Get recommendations from friends and family, call up the Better Business Bureau, and look at online reviews.

2. Hash Things Out With Your Recommended Companies.

Once you’ve found a few good choices, you’ve got to ask some important questions. You need to know what the trip fee is, if they charge extra for moving up and down flights of stairs, large object fees, if dolly and moving blanket rentals are included, and any other questions that are important with you. Then, try negotiating their long distance moving rates by asking them to beat competitors’ rates.

3. Pack Well.

The further that you’re long distance moving, the bigger the likelihood that you’ll get bumps and potholes on the roads. If you’re things are loosely packed with minimal protection, they’ll likely show up at your new house broken and unusable. Many long distance moving companies will charge exorbitant amounts for packing supplies, so make sure that you stock up on things before you need them.

4. Move During the Off Time of the Off Season.

The off-season for all long distance moving
companies is going to be any month that’s not June or July. That being said, the beginning and ends of these months still have higher rates than the middle, so to get a truly great rate, make sure you move on a Tuesday in the middle of a colder month.

With the right planning and some savvy intel, long distance moving can be a piece of cake. If you have any questions about these packing and moving tips, feel free to ask in the comments. More:

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