Five Fascinating Things You Might Not Know About Flags

St patricks day flag

Flags are normally seen as a way to put your national pride on display. They also serve as great decorative items for gardens and front porches! There are countless varieties of seasonal outdoor flags, decorative flags, garden flags and novelty flags for sale.

About 85 million homes in the United States have a self-maintained garden, and about 54 percent of American gardeners are female. Why not make your garden stand out from the crowd by using seasonal outdoor flags?

Here are five fun and fascinating facts about flags you might not have known:

1. Every color speaks a thousand words: Well, maybe not a thousand. But colors symbolize a lot when used on a flag! White normally symbolizes peace and honesty, while yellow is usually known for symbolizing generosity.

2. Denmark’s is the oldest: Denmark currently boasts the oldest flag still in use in the world, a white cross on a red field. In Scandinavian countries like Denmark, the cross on a flag is a symbol of the country’s Christianity.

3. Flags have a long history: The word “flag” comes from the Saxon word “fflaken,” which means “to fly” or “to float in the air.” Historians believe the Romans were the first civilization to use flags, which were then made of cloth.

4. The Stars and Stripes: The American Flag has 13 stripes, which represent the original 13 colonies, and 50 stars — one for each state. The flag has changed often since America first became a country!

5. Not all flags are rectangular: Some countries, like Switzerland and Vatican City, have square, rather than rectangular flags. Even more unusual is Nepal, whose flag consists of two stacked triangles to symbolize the Himalayan mountains of the country.

Hope you enjoyed these facts about flags! Have a great time picking out your seasonal outdoor flags to help get in the mood of each season of the year.

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