Find Furniture You Love with These Tips for Buying Furniture

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Every single American has the right to make their home as comfortable as possible. We love to buy quality discount furniture for every room in the house, and why not? Furniture helps us to be comfortable, more productive, and more organized. Subsequently, according to Statistic Brain, the average American spends $29 per month, just about $360 a year, on furniture.

What if you can’t afford to spend that much on furniture? Should you have to settle for a home that is nowhere near what you want it to be? Of course not. By finding quality affordable furniture, whether at a furniture outlet or furniture stores online, you can bring the comfort you deserve into your home. That being said, you need to make sure you’re buying quality affordable furniture, not second-rate junk that will break within a week. With these tips, you can do exactly that.

Four Tips for Buying Quality Affordable Furniture

  1. Inspect the Cushions
  2. Did you know, according to, 80% of Americans who buy couches have no idea about the quality of furniture they’re buying? Cheap furniture is great, but that’s only if you know you aren’t going to have to keep buying a new piece of cheap furniture over and over again. If you’re buying a couch, love-seat, or other cushioned furniture, make sure you inspect the cushions. Quality cushions will weigh more, and they’ll help to ensure your money goes a lot farther.

  3. Look at How Pieces Are Joined Together
  4. Just as checking the cushions is a great way to spot quality furniture, so, too, is checking how your couches, tables, and chairs are built. MSN Money recommends looking for furniture that is built with interconnecting wooden pieces that fit together. Furniture that’s built with staples and glue, as the source points out, is likely to break down a lot faster.

  5. Take a “Try Before You Buy” Approach
  6. A huge part of finding quality affordable furniture is taking the time to try it out. Now, that shouldn’t be read to mean you should take your favorites home before buying them, but you should make an effort to sit in and lay on the furniture you’re considering. If you’re looking at cabinetry, MoneyTalksNews recommends you check all the cabinets to make sure they open properly, that the handles remain in place, and that the drawers don’t fall out under normal usage. You don’t want to find out you’ve bought a low-quality piece of woodworking after you’ve already gotten it home.

  7. Beware of Offers That Seem Too Good to Be True
  8. The Huffington Post writes that there is a line between finding cheap furniture and being taken for a ride by a seemingly great deal. That’s why they recommend not buying furniture from retailers offering 0% down “deals.” The problem? Many furniture stores jack up the price of their furniture on the promise that you won’t have to pay any money down. Of course, they tend to keep that to themselves.

Just like anyone else, you deserve to have the comfort and style in your home that you want, even if you don’t have the same budget. By following these simple tips, you can find quality affordable furniture, whatever your tastes. Get more on this here.

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