The Repulsive Facts About Work Place Germs

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If you think about the millions of germs in which you come into contact at your place of employment every day — even in your personal work space –you don’t have to be a germophobe to find it appalling. Although exposure to some germs can help to strengthen your immune system, germs that are spread as a result of other people’s less-than-stellar hygiene habits are nothing short of repulsive.

Although one would expect that door knobs, bathroom sinks, phones, kitchen appliances, furniture, and computers to which multiple people have regular access probably contain a lot of germs, you would think that your own desk and work computer would be an exception. However, the average computer keyboard contains approximately four million germs! And that is not because people are secretly using your computer when you are away from your desk.

Even though you might think that washing your hands and sanitizing your personal work area will spare you from potentially hazardous germs, even the most obsessive cleaning is futile when you work in a public place. That being said, you are the one who is responsible for transferring germs to your work space every time you come back from the rest room, break room, or any other place that hasn’t been treated recently with all purpose disinfectant products, or other high-quality room decontamination agent.

While it is impossible to eliminate all germs from your computer, desk, and personal work space, a healthcare-grade disinfectant spray can be just as effective as some room decontamination solutions. This is because no matter how often public places are disinfected, after one day the people passing in and out will just bring in more germs. However, by treating your own work area with a good disinfectant, your desk can be the cleanest place in the office.

Most offices an effort to provide their employees with the cleanest workplace possible through regular cleaning. But unless they do a total room decontamination, there will always be more germs floating around than we’d really like to know. But if every person would used hand disinfectant and keep their personal space clean, every one can enjoy a cleaner, healthier place of employment.

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