Bringing an Asian Influence to Your Home

Japanese divider screens

Japanese room screens have evolved to become modern accessories that function as room dividers, albeit in a well designed manner. Whether you are interested in a solution for doors, windows, headboards, or room dividers, shoji screens fit many different design schemes that you might feature in your home. In fact, the Japanese folding screens have become popular components showcasing Western interior design, based on the easy adaptability to many different styles.

Traditionally shoji screens were composed of bamboo and rice paper, but the modern Japanese room screens are being fashioned from materials such as, wood, vinyl, or waterproof rice paper. As more craftsmen are learning how to make Japanese room screens, you can find all kinds of options for the decorative elements.

By doing some preliminary research, you may be able to locate either a perfect antique, traditional or contemporary shoji screen to go in your home. As you begin the process, many clients elect to use online bookmark sites to search through various design portfolios. As an example, pinterest is the perfect tool to search different decorating ideas, especially the use of japanese screens. In browsing different portfolios, you can find the exact look and style of Japanese room screens that you prefer. When users pin their favorite images, you can begin to catalog creative decorating and furnishing ideas to use with your intended project.

As you begin to look at how to incorporate shoji screens, you can then look for reviews and comments on different third party review sites about the different shoji craftsman. You will be able to analyze feedback and comments from previous clients to begin to refine your list of intended vendors. With this list of craftsmen and your online research, you can begin to talk to them about a custom solution and how to make shoji screens for your home.

Regardless of the design and style of screen you select, you may want to examine the materials and craftsmanship to determine which screen fits your immediate needs. Over the years, the types of woods and other materials have change to meet the demands of new ideas and trends. That being said, your screens will be unique and personalized to fit your home and to provide plenty of future enjoyment.

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