Three Furniture Trends to Look Forward to in 2014

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If you’re interested in buying new furniture, you’re probably aware that it’s typically a long term investment. The typical amount of time that home owners keep a couch is seven years. Chairs and tables can last even longer. With 2014 coming up fast, there are a few trends you should be on the lookout for. Even if you’re specifically going to be looking for cheap new furniture, you’ll undoubtedly find plenty of options like these out there!

The good news for you is that these trends won’t be over with come 2015, making it much easier to continue thinking of furniture as a long term investment.

  • Fragmented and Circular Designs – While sleeker and smoother designs have been around since the beginning of the mid-century modern movement, you can expect a few new circular and fragmented designs to creep into the mainstream in 2014. While some of the actual designs of the furniture may not be jagged or completely circular, many of the patterns that are on them will be.
  • Bright, Vibrant Colors – Have you had just about enough of white, off-white, black and beige? If so, then 2014 is probably going to be your year! Cheap new furniture that is bright and alive with bold reds, yellows and greens is on the way. Patterns too are making a comeback. Whether you’re all in with bringing back the 1980’s, or you just want to liven things up, 2014 will have a lot to offer.
  • A Neoclassical Appeal – As you browse through affordable furniture stores next year, you’ll find that many items have been built with a neoclassical approach in mind. Not only will these looming wooden designs give off a more prehistoric feel, but they’ll also be great for anyone who wants to make their room more hip. From grand cabinets to small accessories for your foyer, there will be plenty of ways to infuse a bit of classical prestige into your home.

These three trends are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what local furniture stores will have to offer in 2014 and beyond. Whether you’re looking for cheap new furniture, or you want to treat yourself and your home with something special, be sure to keep an eye out for trends like these. The right store will have plenty of beds, couches, recliners, coffee tables and dining room chairs for you and your family to choose from. Not only will trends like these spice things up, but they’ll dazzle any guests that you might have as well! Continue your research here.

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