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Ways You Can Donate Towards Red Cross Charitable Programs

Donate clothes to red cross

According to charitable statistics, about 70% of Americans give to charity each year, whether financially or through clothing donations, food items, furniture and other household items. Some of these donations are either sold or given directly to those in need. The proceeds from items sold go to fund various charitable programs such as helping disaster stricken areas. In a way, whatever you give Red Cross will put it to a worthy course.

In terms of private donations, the American National Red Cross is the 13th largest U.S. charity, which is estimated to have received $687 million in 2014. While they are popularly known to help save lives through blood donations, Red Cross is also active in terms of disaster management and pooling of donations to help the less fortunate in the society. As such (more…)

07 Sep 2017

Make a Difference in Your Community by Donating Clothing to the American Red Cross

Donate clothing

Have you been gathering items that you and your family no longer wear to make an American Red Cross clothing donation? Were you aware that these items can collected by a Red Cross clothing pick up?

When you plan to donate clothes to Red Cross, GreenDrop can conveniently provide a Red Cross clothing pick up for you. In addition to providing this service, GreenDrop also has roughly 30 free-standing locations. On a weekly basis, they collect an average of 100 tons of clothing donations for various charitable organizations.

As you’re most likely aware, the American Red Cross prov (more…)

05 Jun 2017

Are You Ready to Help Someone Who Is Less Fortunate Than You?

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We live in a time when many Americans find themselves in great need. In a time when the government is threatening to take important funding away from the very programs that have been in place for years to help those who are the most in need. A time when even the basics of public education seem to be at risk for those who are looking for a way to find a way out of the life of poverty that they have been trapped in for generations.
And while there are many who are struggling to make ends meet, there are also many who have far more than they need. If you find yourself in the advantageous spot of having far more than what you need, you might make the decision to share some of the many items that you do not use. Whether you want to make (more…)

05 Jun 2017

Three Reasons Why You Should Donate Clothing

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Many of us want to make charitable donations — we all know that making a donation is a good thing on a moral level. But sometimes, making a charitable donation is easier said than done. Lots of people think that donating to charity equals giving money. And as much as we’d like to give, we don’t always have the money to spare. In fact, charitable donations often come in the form of clothing. Used clothing donations are, by nature, free to give and greatly appreciated by those involved. At the same time, no matter how cheap is to make donations like these, we still drag our feet. This could be because we’re afraid of giving things up — or it could be because we simply don’t have the time to donate. Luckily, the Red Cross pickup system has made Red Cross donations easier than ever. For that ma (more…)

04 Jan 2017

3 Reasons to Make Consistent Clothing Donations

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Clothing donations are essential to helping families in need. For those less fortunate simply providing appropriate clothes to their children for the winter season can be an immense burden, which is why charities that pick up clothing donations are so important around this time of year. An estimated 2 million tons of clothing and textiles were recycled or donated to charity in 2011 in the United States.

While giving charitable donations in the form of money are obviously cruci (more…)

30 Oct 2015

Spread Holiday Cheer This Winter By Donating Used Clothes

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The essence of the holiday season, no matter your religious background, is to provide assistance to your neighbors in need. When you give back to your community, you’ve giving much more than clothing or toys; you’ve giving people a sense of hope.

There is no better time of the year to get into the giving spirit than right before the holidays. According to a recent survey, 42.7% of people donate more during the holidays than the rest of the year. There is an endless number of charities to support in your area who ramp up their donation efforts during the fall and winter to provide less-fortunate families the opportunity to exchange gifts and celebrate like every family should.

When you donate used clothes to people in need, your “trash” (more…)

28 Aug 2015