Ways You Can Donate Towards Red Cross Charitable Programs

Donate clothes to red cross

According to charitable statistics, about 70% of Americans give to charity each year, whether financially or through clothing donations, food items, furniture and other household items. Some of these donations are either sold or given directly to those in need. The proceeds from items sold go to fund various charitable programs such as helping disaster stricken areas. In a way, whatever you give Red Cross will put it to a worthy course.

In terms of private donations, the American National Red Cross is the 13th largest U.S. charity, which is estimated to have received $687 million in 2014. While they are popularly known to help save lives through blood donations, Red Cross is also active in terms of disaster management and pooling of donations to help the less fortunate in the society. As such, they have come up with different ways in which you can give. Here are some of the ways you can lend your support towards Red Cross programs.

Pickup Programs
Red Cross pickup programs allow you to give at your convenience through an at-home donation pickup. If you’d love to donate clothes or other items acceptable by Red Cross, you just need to sort them out, pack and schedule a pickup where they’ll pick it up from your home. It even more easy to give since they have partnered with GreenDrop, which allows you to drop off your donations at designated centers.

Financial donations
There are several ways you can send your money support to Red Cross. These include online, monthly, by mail, text or phone. In addition, you can also make a financial donation through fundraising. Here, you can choose to start an online fundraiser program where you invite friends and family to contribute or fundraise through an auction. Likewise, you can come up with an in-person event where guests can give their support. Financial donations can also be done via workplace giving, business or retailers.

Whether you choose Red Cross pickup, drop offs or opt for financial donations, all these efforts are geared towards humanitarian support. There are numerous Red Cross donation center where you can take your donations anytime you feel like and not just when there is a call for donation. Besides financial or clothes donations, there is one important way you can help and that is becoming a volunteer.

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