Three Reasons Why You Should Donate Clothing

Clothing donation center

Many of us want to make charitable donations — we all know that making a donation is a good thing on a moral level. But sometimes, making a charitable donation is easier said than done. Lots of people think that donating to charity equals giving money. And as much as we’d like to give, we don’t always have the money to spare. In fact, charitable donations often come in the form of clothing. Used clothing donations are, by nature, free to give and greatly appreciated by those involved. At the same time, no matter how cheap is to make donations like these, we still drag our feet. This could be because we’re afraid of giving things up — or it could be because we simply don’t have the time to donate. Luckily, the Red Cross pickup system has made Red Cross donations easier than ever. For that matter, there are many ways in which clothes donations can directly benefit you and the world you live in. It’s not just about benefiting others, as great as that is — it’s about helping yourself in the long term. Let’s dive in to the many advantages of donating clothes today.

1. The Red Cross Pickup System Makes Donations Simple

We completely understand that clothing donations aren’t always easy to make. Even if you have the time to sort between clothes, you might not have the time to take your clothes to the Red Cross dropoff location. That’s why the Red Cross pickup system was created in the first place. It’s meant to make donations easier for everyone involved. Many people love to donate clothes, with 63% of high net worth donating citing “giving back to the community” as their chief motivator for donating. For that matter, many like to donate to the Red Cross in particular because they know that for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, they provide relief for families in the form of everything from blankets to shelter. The Red Cross pickup system means that as long as you have your clothes ready to go, they’ll be picked up with as much convenience to you as possible. The clothes will then be taken to the donation center. Your donation will have a huge impact, with as little effort on your part as possible. Therefore, everyone benefits!

2. Donating Clothes Means Going Green

Many people are interesting in the “green” movement, with environmental friendliness being a major concern as pollution becomes an issue in the world. The EPA estimates that Americans throw about 10 pounds in the garbage each year. Some could throw away even more. We outgrow clothes on a fairly regular basis — and for that matter, trends change and we just don’t wear the clothes we used to. There’s nothing wrong with getting rid of clothes. When we throw these clothes away, however, they can have a terrible environmental impact. Why throw away clothes when you could simply donate them? Donating clothes accomplishes the same thing, but has none of the negative environmental impact. In fact, as discussed above, it even has a positive social impact. For that matter, many simply like the fact that they aren’t simply throwing away the clothes they spent money on — they’re doing something good with them. It feels like less of a waste of money.

3. Clothing Donations Equal Decluttering

There are many practical and psychological benefits with getting rid of old clothes — that’s why we said that there’s nothing wrong with it. Many find that they have to get rid of old clothes for positive reasons — perhaps they’ve lost weight, or moved to a new place with different weather conditions. In many instances, the clothes donated are children’s clothes. Kids outgrow clothing remarkably fast, and often their parents find donating them to be a positive thing. Donating clothes is a great way to clear up space and change your look — and the way you look at yourself.

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