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Thinking Of The Right Gift For The Holidays? Try A Bouquet Of Flowers


Throwing a wedding soon? How about a baby shower or an office party? You’ll want to look up some flowers to turn the event into something memorable. Considering how cold it’s gotten recently, the touch of fresh flowers will go a long way in curbing the bite of winter and spreading cheer. Below is a comprehensive list on everything you could stand to know about best selling flowers, from symbolism to how to throw the right event.

A Symbol Throughout History

From anniversary flowers to fruit basket arrangements, flowers have long since been nature’s most beautiful creations. There are depictions of flower bouquets dating back to as early as 2500 B.C., (more…)

28 Dec 2016

Love Golf? Have a Lot of Gear? Consider Investing in a Golf Cart to Make Your Life Easier

Pre-owned golf carts lakeland

If you love playing golf, looking into utility vehicles like a golf cart might not be a bad idea. They’re a handy little vehicle for getting around a golf course and can even operate on the streets in many states and districts. Indeed, for the inventive, a golf car can even be modified to go over 20 miles an hour — in which case, they’re treated as a motor vehicle and subject to the same guidelines. Utility vehicles like golf carts may also be a great tool to teach teens to drive at first — many teens who grow up in golfing families have experience driving from a young age, because of golf carts. Some states have a minimum age of 13 (that would be Georgia, Alabama, California, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Rhode Island, Vermont, and South Carolina) and other states have a minimum age of 14 or 15. (more…)

15 Dec 2016

Enjoy a Leisurely Pace by Driving a Golf Cart

Golf cart dealers in florida

When you’re looking for a convenient and economical way to travel short distances around your neighborhood, purchasing, or leasing, a refurbished golf cart is a good choice. If you live in a gated or other type of planned community, or spend your days at a local golf resort, they are also an easy mode of travel.

Depending on the model you choose, golf carts can carry from two-to-ten passengers. When you want to bring friends, family or colleagues with you to the beach or around the golf course, having extra space to accommodate multiple passengers is a plus.

Another benefit of having a golf cart is that in several states, teenagers 13 and older are able to drive them. The minimum age of 13 applies in th (more…)

10 Dec 2016

How Red Cross Pickup Services Can Help Your Community

Donate clothing

Do you ever wonder how you can give back to your community and support the environment? With Red Cross pickup you can accomplish all of the above and then some with little trouble. American Red Cross donations are known across the world for helping families, individuals and the environment in one fell swoop. Even better are the easily accessible and flexible clothing pickup services the majority of charities provide, able to help you help others without conflicting with your busy schedule. Let’s take a look.

American Red Cross

Red Cross pickup is one o (more…)

06 Dec 2016

Things to Look For In Your Roofing Contractors

Metal roofing contractors

Houses require new roofs every so often. Your house may need a new roof if it has been over 15 to 20 years since the last roof was installed, it has had multiple repairs, or it has been damaged so badly that it cannot be properly repaired. Because the roof is so important to the structure of your house, it can be a costly replacement. When you are spending thousands of dollars to replace the roof of your house or commercial property, you want to ensure that you are getting your money worth. Consider the following factors when choosing your metal roofing contractor.

Are they an established company?

An established local roofing company is o (more…)

06 Dec 2016