Thinking Of The Right Gift For The Holidays? Try A Bouquet Of Flowers

People can send a big bouquet of flowers for almost any occasion. Most people will almost always appreciate an amazing flower bouquet. People will often work with amazing flower delivery services at least a few times a year.
Some wholesale florists will offer people recommendations when they aren’t sure which bouquets to get. They’ll ask people questions about the flowers that the recipients like. Some people have a favorite flower that they discuss frequently, which can help other people make more informed decisions about what to get them.
Not everyone has a favorite flower, of course. However, those people usually still appreciate bouquets of flowers. As long as they don’t have any allergies, they’ll probably appreciate most bouquets of flowers. The best floral bouquets will certainly work for them, especially because they might not have strong opinions about which flowers should be in which bouquets and why.
The people who have more experience with flower arrangements might have stronger opinions related to bouquets and flowers. However, they will also usually be more honest about the flowers and bouquets that they really want, making things easier for the people who are planning ahead for them on the holidays and for their birthdays.


Throwing a wedding soon? How about a baby shower or an office party? You’ll want to look up some flowers to turn the event into something memorable. Considering how cold it’s gotten recently, the touch of fresh flowers will go a long way in curbing the bite of winter and spreading cheer. Below is a comprehensive list on everything you could stand to know about best selling flowers, from symbolism to how to throw the right event.

A Symbol Throughout History

From anniversary flowers to fruit basket arrangements, flowers have long since been nature’s most beautiful creations. There are depictions of flower bouquets dating back to as early as 2500 B.C., with roses and daisies being some of the most frequently recreated in oil paintings across the world. Christmas and Hanukkah, outside of Valentine’s Day, are some of the most common floral buying holidays — over 30% of adults will purchase flowers or plants as gifts on these holidays.

Weddings And Showers

One of the most common additions to any wedding or baby shower are beautiful flowers. Over 60% of all wedding parties include a flower girl, if not several, and will see multiple events dedicated to spreading or enjoying flowers. Flowers will make up anywhere from 7% to 8% of the typical wedding budget, making it one element you won’t want to fumble!

Birthdays And Parties

There’s nothing quite like adding a bouquet to a birthday party or event. A flower delivery can liven any party and add a sense of class to even a simple function. Over 63% of flowers are purchased for one’s self, with another 37% purchased as gifts. When it comes to the holidays, though, almost nothing else comes close in terms of importance.

Meaning And Symbolism

Roses, particularly red ones, are frequently associated with love and romance in the West. Baby’s breath are considered a delicate addition for baby showers and daisies have long since been considered synonymous with innocence and youth. If you’re looking to get a bit more unconventional, you can always try snapdragons or zinnias.

Gifts And Holidays

Did you know 15% of American women will send themselves a flower or two on February 14th? The month of love is one of the most popular for bouquets and arrangements, with certain flower types leading the pack for both their brilliant colors and hidden meaning. According to studies conducted by the American Society of Florists, Valentine’s Day is the number one holiday for florists by a landslide. This day represents a third of the fresh flower purchases as well as 40% of the dollar.

Buying The Right Flowers

Here are some tips before you visit your local florist and pick out the perfect gift. Some people are allergic to flowers, so make sure to double-check and possibly seek out hypoallergenic options to have the best of both worlds. Remember that the lifespan of tulips are very short, lasting anywhere from three to seven days, and that additional items such as soil and pottery can compliment your gift wonderfully. Last, but not least, consider taking into account symbolism when attending a wedding, baby shower or birthday party. For hundreds of years to the modern day, flowers remain one of the best gifts around.

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