Enjoy a Leisurely Pace by Driving a Golf Cart

Many people are surprised to learn that golf carts are a legitimate form of transportation in many cities. Golf carts are considered an efficient option for completing quick errands. Another key factor is speed. Driving a golf cart is considered safe because most of them rarely exceed 20 miles per hour. An extreme golf cart has a large amount of storage space and can run for three days on a single battery charge.
As with any asset though, it’s important to take care of it. You may need golf cart maintenance service if the cart starts running slowly. States like California and Florida offer mobile golf cart repair services. Mobile golf cart repairs services involve a mechanic coming to your place and making repairs. It’s a convenient way to fix potential issues.
Like other vehicles, tire health is important. Perhaps you were traveling around the neighborhood and your golf cart hit a pebble, causing tire damage. Many cities offer urgent golf cart tire repair service. While there are some minor differences, fixing a golf cart tire is similar to fixing a traditional car tire. If you are experiencing car trouble, do a quick search for golf cart repair service near me to find a solution

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When you’re looking for a convenient and economical way to travel short distances around your neighborhood, purchasing, or leasing, a refurbished golf cart is a good choice. If you live in a gated or other type of planned community, or spend your days at a local golf resort, they are also an easy mode of travel.

Depending on the model you choose, golf carts can carry from two-to-ten passengers. When you want to bring friends, family or colleagues with you to the beach or around the golf course, having extra space to accommodate multiple passengers is a plus.

Another benefit of having a golf cart is that in several states, teenagers 13 and older are able to drive them. The minimum age of 13 applies in the following states: :

    Rhode Island
    South Carolina

All of the other states have a minimum age of 14-to-15. Before purchasing refurbished golf carts for your children or teenage employees to use, it’s important to check the local regulations.

Since a golf cart’s speed ranges from 15-to-25 miles per hour, it is perfect for driving in many residential areas. This does depend, however, on the state or district in which you live. When the posted speed limit is 35 miles per hour or less, golf carts are usually permitted on the street.

Golf carts are also economical to operate. Once it is fully charged, a golf cart battery can last between two-to-three days. When you want to purchase a second vehicle, a refurbished golf cart will cost less to maintain and operate than a regular gas-operated vehicle.

Refurbished golf carts also have ample storage space. You can transport groceries, beach and sports gear, and your golf clubs, of course. While the cargo box capacity does vary by model, it can usually hold up to 370 pounds.

Parking tends to be easier with golf carts, too. On average, these utility vehicles are eight feet long and four feet wide.

During warm weather, just imagine how nice it will be to feel fresh air while you drive your golf cart to the park or beach. When you live in a retirement community such as The Villages, Florida, there are actually golf cart trail systems.

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