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Three Tips for Keeping a Dry Basement

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While not all homes have them, basements are a special part of any home. Basements are the places where a homeowner’s creativity can really shine. You can find images of basements that have been transformed into elaborate family game rooms, home theaters, small apartments, bars, and much more! Unlike the living room, kitchen, and bedroom, the basement can be whatever it needs to be. But the first thing a basement needs to be is dry.

With any great basement comes great responsibility. It’s important to remember that basements are underground and within the home’s very foundation. As a result, basements are prone to water damage that seeps in from the soil around them. In fact, more than 98% of homes with basements will see some kind of water damage. Without proper (more…)

31 Aug 2016

How to Keep Pre-Owned Golf Carts in Top Condition All Year Round

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Pre-owned golf carts are a great investment choice for any golf enthusiast. They’re affordable, they’re long-lasting and they often look and function like a brand new cart. And when the cost of a new, luxury golf cart model can set you back anywhere from $3,000 to $30,000, a pre-owned cart can be a huge relief on your wallet.

Part of the key to owning one of these carts, however, is keeping up with their maintenance needs. Letting pre-owned golf carts run for years without a proper tune-up can significantly reduce their lifespan. Make sure your pre-owned golf carts run like new for (more…)

29 Aug 2016

Planning a Vacation in the Outer Banks?

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In modern American culture, vacation time is highly undervalued. When surveyed, only of 25% of people said they used all their vacation days; of the people who actually take off, 61% confessed to working on vacation. Clearly, there is an epidemic of bad vacations or no vacation at all. If you’re looking to break the cycle and plan a successful getaway, here are some ways to get started:

1. Find an ideal location

If you’re new to vacation planning, the beach is a great place to start. In fact 33% of survey respondents said they would go to the beach if they could only take one holiday. One popular vacation destination on the east coast is the Outer Banks, North (more…)

21 Aug 2016

Metal Roofing Companies Provide a Variety of Products and Services

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It was an unusual gift choice.
After years of struggling to find present ideas for their father who is now 84-years old, the two girls and their husbands finally came up with a fantastic idea. Although it at first seemed very unusual, the 84-year old two daughters decided to invest in aluminum roofing for their father’s out buildings.
After year’s of watching their father climb up and down ladders to make small repairs, the girls knew that they were fighting an uphill battle whenever they tried to convince their father to leave that work to someone else. Just like all of the owing that he did, the ladder climbing was the father’s defense mechanism against getting old. He was determined that if he did a little push mowing every few days in the grass growing season and a little snow shoveling during the (more…)

10 Aug 2016

What to Expect in a Retirement Community

Senior living

As people grow older, some chronic diseases like high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s make it more and more difficult to continue living alone. Most people put off the decision to move from the family home into assisted living facilities, whether they’re making the choice for themselves or for their elderly parents or relatives. Senior living communities nowadays offer all the advantages of independent living, combined with 24-hour medical care. In fact, assisted living is specifically designed to be the best of both worlds.

Aging and chronic diseases
With age, the incidence of chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s increases. Other diseases like arthritis, diabetes and stroke limit acti (more…)

05 Aug 2016

Dream Big, and You Could End Up Living Huge

New homes

Many people harbor, often from a very young age, an ideal vision for their dream home. For some individuals, attaining that dream home is more difficult than for others. Sometimes such dreams must be reached for in calculated steps, working up to the end goal of finally stepping into the home that they have always envisioned for themselves. Everyone’s preferences, dreams, and ideals vary greatly one from the next, and while one person might envision settling down in a remote and rustic cabin in the forest, another might be looking into building or buying in master planned communities.

The benefits of master planned communities
For those interested in (more…)

04 Aug 2016