Dream Big, and You Could End Up Living Huge

New homes

Many people harbor, often from a very young age, an ideal vision for their dream home. For some individuals, attaining that dream home is more difficult than for others. Sometimes such dreams must be reached for in calculated steps, working up to the end goal of finally stepping into the home that they have always envisioned for themselves. Everyone’s preferences, dreams, and ideals vary greatly one from the next, and while one person might envision settling down in a remote and rustic cabin in the forest, another might be looking into building or buying in master planned communities.

The benefits of master planned communities
For those interested in modern home design and are looking for something a little more than your typical, traditional neighborhood, master planned communities offer that luxurious something more. While planned communities are essentially what they sound like, areas that are meticulously planned ahead of time and then built for a specific purpose, master planned communities take that idea a step further by including in those plans an excess of recreational facilities and amenities. Essentially it is like moving into an apartment complex that has a gym or pool, but taking that idea to the next level, and to the great outdoors.

What to look for in a new home
Instead of an apartment complex, you could be designing your own home, and instead of just a pool or gym, you could have an array of amenities available to you. While a gym or pool could very likely be included in a master planned community, the opportunities in your potential neighborhood would reach far beyond just that. Some of these communities have golf courses, hiking or jogging trails, lakes, parks, and much more. Many modern home builders will work with master planned community developers to create attractive homes but there is also often space to buy and build on after the initial construction of the community as well. Some of these developments are even self-sustaining communities. The price tag is likely a bit higher than your standard home, but when you think of everything that you are getting for your money, the idea becomes quite enticing.

What is important to homebuyers
Any real estate agent can tell you how crucial location is. In one survey, 66% of the respondents said that they would prefer to live in a suburban location, while 24% said they would want to live in a rural area, and 10% wanted to be right in the heart of the city center. But preferences obviously go further than that. Potential homebuyers are going to be considering everything from location to available amenities in the neighborhood right down to heating and cooling systems and laundry hookups. In fact 65% of homebuyers said that having a home equipped with central air conditioning is something that they value. And in another recent survey, 89% of those who responded said that they bought a house with a laundry room. There is quite a lot to consider when looking for the place that you will end up spending most of your time.

Staying true to your dream
Sometimes dreams change over time. There is nothing wrong with that. But your dream should not change for any reason other than the evolution of your personal preference. So your dream might take a bit more time and effort to accomplish. Don’t give up on it. Enjoy where you find yourself in any given moment, but if you want to end up in an extravagant neighborhood with every possible opportunity for adventure right outside your door, then find a way to get there. Do not alter your personal values and morals, but keeping your goal in mind, do everything that you can to seeing that dream become a reality.

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