How to Keep Pre-Owned Golf Carts in Top Condition All Year Round

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Pre-owned golf carts are a great investment choice for any golf enthusiast. They’re affordable, they’re long-lasting and they often look and function like a brand new cart. And when the cost of a new, luxury golf cart model can set you back anywhere from $3,000 to $30,000, a pre-owned cart can be a huge relief on your wallet.

Part of the key to owning one of these carts, however, is keeping up with their maintenance needs. Letting pre-owned golf carts run for years without a proper tune-up can significantly reduce their lifespan. Make sure your pre-owned golf carts run like new for years to come by taking these three simple maintenance steps before the end of the summer:

Give your tires some TLC

Before retiring your golf cart for the summer and putting it into storage, make sure its tires are in good working condition so it will be ready to go next spring. This includes checking the tire pressure, examining tire and rim condition and performing any necessary repairs or replacements. You’ll be glad you did it now, rather than later.

Check the battery

Did you know that the average electric golf cart battery is designed to last between two to three days ? which is less than a tank of gasoline? In addition to charging it whenever it’s low, you’ll want to quickly check your cart’s battery to make sure it’s in good working condition. Be on the lookout for signs of corrosion or loose terminals ? which indicate your battery should likely be replaced before next year ? and check over the battery’s cables, electrolyte cables and charge receptacle.

Examine the cart’s suspension

Your cart’s suspension is what gives you a steady ride while traversing the golf course. As a result, you’ll want to take a look at both its front and rear suspension. Look out for signs of strut oil leakage, loose or missing hardware, worn bushings and the condition of hubs and kingpins. If you’re a fairly new golf cart owner, you may want to bring in the help of a golf cart mechanic to ensure everything is in adequate condition.

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