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Three Things Seniors Should Keep in Mind While Planning Their Retirement

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According to estimations, nearly 10,000 Baby Boomers are turning 65 every day. In the coming years, Boomers will all gradually age into retirement, creating large changes in various aspects of modern American life — most notably in the healthcare industry and the housing market. Think about it: When retirement comes, don’t you want to move somewhere warm and simple?

This influx of new seniors is poised to transform the real estate market, especially in places like Florida where retirement communities are already holding steady in popularity. Senior condominiums are very available there (and elsewhere), but not all condominiums for (more…)

31 Mar 2014

Live the Life You’ve Dreamed Of with Retirement Housing and Assisted Living

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There are more senior housing options than ever for those who have reached retirement age. These days, the top retirement communities can feel more like a permanent vacation than a popular stereotype of a retirement home. There’s bound to be at least a few senior housing options that will be the perfect fit for you!

Here are four reasons why you should consider senior housing options in your post-retirement years:

1. Flexibility: The idea of an “ideal living space” changes many times throughout one’s life as your needs change. As you begin your retirement, you’ll most likely want to live in (more…)

31 Mar 2014

Show Your Patriotism By Supporting Veterans Charities

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Do you feel like you wish you could have taken part in, or helped out more during, the United States’ “War on Terror”? Perhaps you were too old, too young, or too afraid to join the armed forces. Perhaps you had a change of heart about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan after the fact, and regret not having done more to contribute to the American cause. But it is not too late to help make a difference for veterans and their families.

Although the wars in the Middle-East are supposedly over, it is still not too late to show your patriotism by supporting U.S. veterans and helping military families. If you have paid any attention whatsoever to the national news in recent years, you probably have some kind of idea that the life of a U.S. veteran is more guts than glory. It just does not seem right that everyone (more…)

28 Mar 2014

Rustic Living in the Comfort of Your Own Home

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In today’s fast-paced world, there are many who long for a simpler time. Although we can’t slow progress, we can create a living space that speaks to Old World values and comfort. For many, living a rustic life, in tune with nature, is the epitome of simplicity and relaxation. If you are someone wishing to create a rustic, log cabin feel in your own home, here is some information on rustic living room decor.

Since log cabins were first introduced in the United States, during the 17th Century, they have held a special place in Americana. Many played with the popular child’s toys “Lincoln Logs,” growing up and now wish to replicate that style in their own adult homes with log cabin furnishings. (more…)

25 Mar 2014

How Your Mattress Could Be Harming Your Health

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There are numerous reasons the average person might have trouble falling asleep at night: stress, pain, noise or other distractions, even too much caffeine. Whatever the reason for their insomnia, a full night’s sleep is obviously a simple and important way of promoting good health, so many people still try to get some sleep. If they keep tossing and turning, however, they might start considering sleep medication and other methods of ensuring that they sleep better at night. But if you’re one of the many people who wants to promote good health but would prefer to use natural ways to sleep better, a simple fact may surprise: it might be your mattress that is preventing you from sleeping well.

The fact is that the natural S-shaped curve of the human back simply isn’t supported by the average flat mat (more…)

22 Mar 2014

Simple, Cost-Effective Ways to Support Our Troops

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Various charities and schools are organizing efforts to send soldiers letters from our children. “Thank you for fighting for our country. I love the color camo. I am nine. Why did you want to go to the military? Thank you for dieing [sic] for our country. I love American flags. Do you ever stop working?” one letter, originally published in Northwest Florida Daily News, reads. “I love that every hour of every day you fight for our lives. I respect my veterans. How long do you have to sleep? You are very heroic and brave.”

There are plenty of ways to help support our troops and make life a little easier for military spouses and children. Adorable letters from young kids are just the tip of the iceberg. Here are some other ways to pitch in:

A Different Kind of Couponi (more…)

21 Mar 2014

Three Benefits of Living in San Antonio, Texas

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Did you know that approximately 13% of all homes in the United States are vacant? However, it is still a good time to buy a home because many interest rates and home prices are still relatively low. Before buying in this housing market, however, it is important to determine where you want to live. San Antonio, for example, is home to 1.3 million residents because there are several benefits of seeking homes for sale in San Antonio.

1. Businesses. San Antonio is a large city that contains many businesses. In fact, five Fortune 500 companies are located in San Antonio, and Forbes ranked San Antonio 11th on a list of the “Best Places for Business and Careers.” (more…)

21 Mar 2014

Integrating Japanese Shoji Screens

Shoji panels

Japanese Shoji screens are considered an artform by some, and their construction should reflect it. When craftsmen select the wood and paper or other screen materials that go into creating the Shoji panels, they are looking for quality that is both durable and decorative. They were invented in China around the 4th century B.C., but they have been refined ever since. You can find the right Japanese screens for your interior with some initial research.

When starting out with any kind of fine craft or furniture project, it takes time to perfect your craftsmanship. You may want to talk to others that can advise you on a craftsman or company to create your Japanese (more…)

15 Mar 2014

Options for New Home Buyers

Buying a new home from a builder

If you’re tired of living in a townhome or an apartment, then a new home may be in your future. But when buying new homes, there are varying degrees of the word “new” to consider. Here are three options in new home buying to help you in your exciting journey.

New to You.
An existing home in an established neighborhood may have been built as much as 100 years ago, but it’s a new home to you. These houses generally are surrounded by larger trees, and may be closer to city centers. However, they also may have a certain amount of “character”. Whether that character i (more…)

14 Mar 2014

Three Ways to Decorate Your Loft

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I’ve lived in the city of brotherly love for my entire life, but after a few months of living on my own, I considered moving away. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the city, my school, or my job. All of the available Philadelphia lofts for rent didn’t feel right with me and so I had to settle for something that I wasn’t sure could ever feel like home.

The problem, according to my friends and family, was with the way I was living. I needed to make my Philly apartments more homelike. They said that the key to go from just living in a loft to living in a home was to decorate. Though I was dubious, it actually worked.

If you’re living in a loft and having the same kind of problem th (more…)

14 Mar 2014