How Your Mattress Could Be Harming Your Health

Dual king adjustable bed

There are numerous reasons the average person might have trouble falling asleep at night: stress, pain, noise or other distractions, even too much caffeine. Whatever the reason for their insomnia, a full night’s sleep is obviously a simple and important way of promoting good health, so many people still try to get some sleep. If they keep tossing and turning, however, they might start considering sleep medication and other methods of ensuring that they sleep better at night. But if you’re one of the many people who wants to promote good health but would prefer to use natural ways to sleep better, a simple fact may surprise: it might be your mattress that is preventing you from sleeping well.

The fact is that the natural S-shaped curve of the human back simply isn’t supported by the average flat mattress; instead, flat mattresses actually create gaps where the spine isn’t supported. This can result in the person unconsciously changing position, trying to avoid tension and pain as they sleep, causing the restless tossing and turning so many people are familiar with. Because a good night’s sleep is one of several lifestyle factors that promote good health, it is in your best interest to get rid of your old mattress in favor of a more ergonomic bed if you are having trouble sleeping. But what kind of mattress will solve your sleep problems? The answer is an adjustable bed, such as a sleep comfort mattress.

An adjustable mattress, such as a sleep comfort mattress, comes with a variety of features that can potentially solve your sleep problems: some adjustable bed systems come equipped with heat and massage options to ease back pain and help you relax, and because they are adjustable, can also alter their positions to better suit the natural curve of your spine. Both of these benefits of adjustable beds can not only help you fall asleep but may also help with back issues; as people who suffer from back pain have been shown to be less healthy than those who do not, these features can potentially improve your health as a whole.

So, if you’re tired of tossing and turning every night and worrying about your health, consider buying a sleep comfort mattress or another brand of electric adjustable bed. Life is too short to suffer the ill effects of problems sleeping at night; look into buying an adjustable bed today. More research here:

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