Three Ways to Decorate Your Loft

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I’ve lived in the city of brotherly love for my entire life, but after a few months of living on my own, I considered moving away. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the city, my school, or my job. All of the available Philadelphia lofts for rent didn’t feel right with me and so I had to settle for something that I wasn’t sure could ever feel like home.

The problem, according to my friends and family, was with the way I was living. I needed to make my Philly apartments more homelike. They said that the key to go from just living in a loft to living in a home was to decorate. Though I was dubious, it actually worked.

If you’re living in a loft and having the same kind of problem that I was having, here are a few decorating tips to help make living in a loft the enjoyable experience it should be.

Choose a Style.

When you first start decorating, choose a style that will make living a loft more comfortable for you. The two most common styles that people choose are to either go modern or rustic. If you go modern, you want to combine a variety of natural materials, such as wood and stone, with manmade elements like chic stainless steel glass. If you want to go rustic, add hand-carved woods and antique storage chests. Use rich upholstery on the furniture and have plenty of throw pillows and fabric accents to warm the space up.

Perfect Your Lighting.

Lighting can pose a serious challenge when living in a loft. You should take advantage of the additional vertical space by using some cool chandeliers or pendant lights over your bed or in your dining area. You could also add some low lighting with lamps and wall sconces that will sufficiently brighten up your apartment.

Deal With Your High Ceiling.

The reason that lighting is such a challenge when living in a loft is because of the loft’s high ceiling. To visually lower your ceiling, you could try painting the ceiling a darker shade of color than the rest of your apartment. Additionally, you can add architectural elements like crown molding to bring the ceiling height down. Using decorative pieces that hang vertically, like pictures or painting or tall pieces of furnitures can also help when living in a loft.

Ever since I started decorating, my place has felt more like a home and I can finally enjoy the city living lifestyle I’ve always wanted. Once that happened, I could fully enjoy the experience of living in a loft. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Read more here.

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