Show Your Patriotism By Supporting Veterans Charities

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Do you feel like you wish you could have taken part in, or helped out more during, the United States’ “War on Terror”? Perhaps you were too old, too young, or too afraid to join the armed forces. Perhaps you had a change of heart about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan after the fact, and regret not having done more to contribute to the American cause. But it is not too late to help make a difference for veterans and their families.

Although the wars in the Middle-East are supposedly over, it is still not too late to show your patriotism by supporting U.S. veterans and helping military families. If you have paid any attention whatsoever to the national news in recent years, you probably have some kind of idea that the life of a U.S. veteran is more guts than glory. It just does not seem right that everyone screams “Support our troops!” during times of war, yet those same people shrink into the woodwork once those troops return to their homeland as wounded, disabled, or traumatized veterans.

Fortunately, veterans outreach programs like purple heard clothing donations, wounded veterans charities, and other veterans donations centers are always helping disabled veterans and military families to cope with the hardships that are all too common for thousands of “discarded” veterans who, ironically, are widely “celebrated” on the bumper stickers displayed on automobiles all across America.

If those Americans are such big patriots, they need to be doing more than simply waving the American flag and doing nothing else. By making donations to purple heart charities, they can actually take action by helping disabled veterans and their families. While those old pair of jeans or khakis may be out of style or too small for your expanding waist line, there are thousands of veterans whom they will fit. Besides, what good are they going to do hanging in the back of your closet or slowly rotting in a landfill?

The overwhelming majority of the soldiers who served in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan may be back home, but the war is not over — at least not for them. This is because they face a new war here at home, and that is a war of poverty and recovery. If you consider yourself a patriot, you can continue to support your country by helping disabled veterans. References:

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