What To Look For In a Stone Slab

In this YouTube video, Rogers TV talks about things a person should know when looking at stone slabs for sale. The counter selection process can be a far more lengthy process than anticipated.

Builders have to template each stone selection for flooring, walkways, patios, balconies, and countertops. From this time, a person is still two to four weeks away from the beginning of the installation.

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Before the builders measure the dimensions needed, the sink used in each room must be already onsite.

Marble slabs are still alright to use in the kitchen if it’s used as an island. The surface of the marble can stain, cloud, or have other reactions to chemicals touching it. It’s best to keep the marble away from sinks, stoves, and other places where spills may happen.

To complement a marble island, consider porcelain edges and finishes. Porcelain doesn’t require any sealing or additional maintenance once installed.

Quartzite can be famous. It’s a natural stone used in building processes. It must be sealed and maintained over the years to prevent etching and staining. It’s very durable and comes in many different designs. A person can choose the block they want.

Granite can be used throughout the home. There’s less calcium in it, so there’s minor staining and less etching overall. Many darker colors are available and can be more forgiving.

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