Creative Ideas for Your Engagement Photos

Getting engaged is such a milestone in life that it merits an entire photoshoot. This is a special time in life that should be treasured after all. If you’re feeling lost and uninspired when thinking up locations for this photoshoot, read on. Here are some of the most fun and unique places for engagement photos!

Theme Park

The sky is the limit when it comes to fun and unique places for engagement photos! So why not actually be up in the sky? A rollercoaster photoshoot can take you up to new heights. However, if you and your significant other would rather skip those heart-stopping thrills, you can opt for a simple photoshoot around your favorite theme park.

Ask your photographer to follow you around as you board lines for your favorite rides. Perhaps, have them take photos as you’re sharing a churro or some cotton candy. Theme parks make excellent backdrops for romantic photos. If theme parks have a sentimental value to you — perhaps this is where your first date was — then it will be even more special!


If a roller coaster doesn’t provide enough of a thrill, then consider this next idea for your engagement shoot. The sky is one of the most beautiful, alluring, and unique places for engagement photos! Board a helicopter and ask your photographer to come with you. The photos will come out especially beautiful if you board the helicopter around sunset.

Your First Date

This photo idea is more personal. Consider recreating your first date to capture all those unique places for engagement photos.

This will also take you back in time and allow you to reminisce about those early days of your relationship. Doing this photoshoot will also remind you how far you have come in your relationship.

Go on a road trip

Going on a road trip is another way that you can capture some genuine and happy moments before the wedding. Ask a photographer friend to follow you across the country and snap various photos at rest stops and national monuments.

This photoshoot will also feel like a nice vacation!

You’ll find many unique places for engagement photos when going on a roadtrip.

At home

Here’s another idea for some unique places for an engagement photoshoot. Instead of venturing out into the world, why not stay in the place that feels most comfortable? Home!

Taking photos in the comfort of your own home has many benefits. You will feel more at ease and relaxed. You also know the area well, so you can point out the areas of the home with the best lighting.

If you want your photos to come out cozy, this is the photoshoot idea for you!

If you want more outdoor lighting, you can also set up a bedsheet in the back and take photos there!

Go to a new country

If you wish to get the most beautiful and romantic photos possible, consider traveling somewhere as gorgeous and timeless as Italy!

Or anywhere in Europe really! The architecture will make your photos stand out from the rest. Granted, this can add up to be quite an expensive photo shoot. However, if you’re going out of the country to celebrate your engagement, then you might as well call up a photographer in the area to snap these beloved memories! Take some photos by some Italian pergolas to capture the beauty of the moment.


Take a photo at the canyon. Have the photographer point their camera at an upwards angle so they can also capture the glittering stars at night too.

If you want, show off your engagement picture in the photo too! It will look stunning against this natural backdrop.

Throw a custom t-shirt on and snap some photos

Here’s another great idea that will get you excited about taking your engagement photos! Consider creating custom printed tshirts with your wedding date on them. You can also use these photos on your wedding invitations!

A cafe photoshoot

A cafe is the perfect spot to snap some photos if you’re an avid coffee drinker. Have your loved one order their favorite drink, sit in a corner, and talk to them about how you first met. This idea is perfect if you want to take intimate photos. Forget the photographer is even there, and you’ll be surprised at just how natural they turn out. Instead of standing awkwardly, you’ll have a cup of coffee in your hands. You should also wear your best outfit, so the photos come out nice!

A simple white background

If you wish to keep things simple, consider making the engagement ring the center of the photos! If you have yet to pick out your ring, head to your nearest jewelry store to make your selection. Then, set up a white backdrop anywhere you have ample lighting. You can even play around with the editing of the photos. Ask the photographer to place a black and white filter on some of the photos. The result is gorgeous. They will have this beautiful vintage look to them that you will adore. These simple photos will also look stunning placed around the home. Make sure to get them printed and framed.

Try a camping photoshoot

You can also try a camping themed photoshoot if you’re an outdoorsy couple. Look at private campgrounds in your area and take off for the weekend. Ask your photographer to meet you there so that they may snap some perfect photos while you’re out in the wilderness. This is another great idea if you’re struggling to think of unique places for engagement photos!

Movie theater

Many couples often have their first date at the movie theater. If the theater has a special meaning to you and your soon-to-be spouse, stronger consider having a quick photoshoot in front of and inside the building. You can also pose in front of the popcorn machine for a photo that is cute, unique, and memorable.


Did you know that you can also set up a lovely picnic on your favorite side of town? For this photoshoot, pack a picnic filled with your favorite food and snacks. Set a blanket down and have a photographer snap some beautiful pictures of you sharing your favorite dishes with your loved one.

By the dock

If you have a special relationship with the sea and the water, then perhaps consider getting your photos taken by the dock. These will look gorgeous, especially if your photoshoot falls on a warm and sunny day.


Perhaps you wish to be surrounded by plants and nature for your engagement shoot. There are many unique places for engagement photos that involve nature. However, a greenhouse is a stunning location! It’s also unique. Rolling fields feel overdone. While they are gorgeous, many couples opt for this backdrop. A greenhouse will offer a lot of variety, as they house different plants and flowers.

Take these photos in the springtime when the plants are blooming.

In your front yard

If you want to keep things simple, consider placing up lawn signs that display messages of adoration for your loved one. Capture their reaction when seeing the signs for the first time. This idea can make other ideas for unique places for engagement photos pale in comparison.

By the pool

If you’re looking for more water related and unique places for engagement photos, then consider asking your photographer to meet you by the pool or on the beach. The water photographs beautifully, especially if you’re splashing in it!

Iconic landmark in your city

Whether you live in a small town or a husting and bustling city, consider taking a photo at one of the many unique landmarks in town. This will help preserve your memory of the city where you got engaged. You may not be living there in ten years’ time, but it will always hold a special place in your heart!

A paddleboat

A paddleboat is another romantic spot. Have your photography stand on land and use a telephoto lens to capture the entire scene. Bring a glass of wine or champagne on board to celebrate your future marriage too.

A photo with the dog

If you and your partner share a dog, bring them into the photo too! The photo will look and feel complete with your furry and four-legged friend in the mix. Take this photo outdoors, in your backyard, or simply inside the house. Bring some dog treats, too, so your photographer can get your pup to look directly into the camera.

However, you don’t have to be a dog-owner to implement this idea. Try this with your kitten too! They are snuggly creatures and will look adorable, cuddled on the couch with you and your loved one.

Hit up your favorite fast-food restaurant

If late-night burgers sound like your idea of a good time, perhaps this idea will strike your fancy. Instead of overthinking the perfect photoshoot for your engagement, consider making it simple. Book your photographer for an hour and drive to your favorite fast-food restaurant. If it has sentimental value to you and your loved one, the photos will come out sentimental and sweet!

If your photographer is talented enough, they will know exactly how to work the angles to make the location look stunning — even if it’s the corner burrito or burger joint!


Wait until the sun sets before taking your engagement photos. If you’re out of ideas for unique places for engagement photos, then make the sky your backdrop. The sunset will provide perfect hues of orange, gold, and purple.

Stand in the middle of the skyline and hold your loved one close. This photo idea doesn’t take much effort. However, the results are priceless.

In the rain

You don’t have to wait for perfect weather to take your photos. If you live in a rainy climate, take advantage of this. Rain can make for romantic photos that you and your partner will cherish forever.

Recreate a movie or album cover

Looking for something a bit more cheeky? This idea will allow you to utilize your creativity! Consider recreating your favorite album or movie cover poster. If you love watching films and listening to music with your partner, this photoshoot will be a blast to plan out.

Make a list of your favorite movies and look up the posters. When you see one you like, think about how you can recreate it using household objects. The result will be something your friends and family will love sharing all over social media!

Get wrapped up in the music

Now is the time to whip that guitar out and play a lovely tune for your loved one. Capture the entire experience by taking photos!


There are many unique places for engagement photos. However, the important thing to keep in mind is that the spot is important to you. Will you be excited to show these photos to your children in the future? Will they evoke joy and remind you of all the wonderful things about your relationship? If so, you have found the perfect partner and the perfect spot to take some of the most stunning photos!

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