Setting Up the Tables and Chairs for an Outdoor Event

The organizers of any large event have quite a few jobs to juggle, and among them are venue selection and getting enough tables and chairs for everyone who will be there during the event itself. Fortunately, many rental companies today are ready to help, with tent rental suppliers providing party tents for outdoor events, and linen rental companies offering linens for the tables and chairs that an event’s organizers may borrow. Party tent rentals, linen rentals, and table and chair rentals are all possible through distinct companies, and an event’s organizers may gather all of these materials for a successful outdoor event. Some brides and grooms opt for outdoor weddings, which calls for all sorts of party rentals. Or, the outdoor event might be a speech and a meal, an awards event, a charity meal or sports event, a large birthday party, and more. Before the big day arrives, the party organizers will look around for the most affordable and reliable rental options in the area. How does this work?

Tables and Chairs

At first, it may be tempting to get a party tent first, and then get enough tables and chairs to fill in the space. But the total square footage needed for the upcoming party should not be estimated. Instead, the party’s organizers should first finalize the guest list, and this is a critical reference. Now that they know how many people need to be seated, it is time to look for table and chair rentals. Often, tables and chairs are rented from the same place, while linens are rented elsewhere. As for the size, shape, and number of tables to be rented, this may be a matter of preference, but in any case, there should be enough table space for everyone who will attend the event. A rental company may explain how many people a given table model can accommodate, another useful reference. So, the renters can find tables that are square, circular, ovals, or rectangular, and rent enough of them for their entire guest list. And of course, they will rent enough chairs, too. Some chairs may be fold-up metal models, or solid wood chairs or even padded chairs.

Next, it is time to determine the total square footage. With all the tables and chairs factored in, the party’s organizers will figure out how to arrange those tables and chairs so that guests will have enough room. Tables should be far apart enough so guests can slide their chairs in and out, and there should be a network of aisles between all the tables. All of this will determine how much square footage is being taken up.

Linens and Tents

With the tables, chairs, and square footage set in stone, it is time for the linens and tent. Linen rental companies can help, and they offer table linens of many different sizes, shapes, and colors, not to mention fabrics. What is most important is that the renters borrow the correct number and shape of linens to fit correctly on all of the tables, and the rest is a matter of taste, such as the color and fabric. Linens might be plain white, for example, or lavender or have patterns stitched into them or even have lace hems. Linens can be made of cotton, silk, and other materials.

How about the tent? The square footage is now a set number, a vital reference for tent rental. After all, a too-large tent is a waste of money and space, and a too-small tent can’t even hold everyone. The event organizers can visit tent rental companies and look over the available party tents in person, to find one whose size and appearance are to the clients’ liking. Visiting in person is important, to look over tents and check them for rips, hols, stains, or other damage. What is more, take note that accessories for those tents can be rented too, from dance floor panels all the way to fabric walls (complete with plastic windows) for privacy or formality. Air conditioner units can also be fitted into the tent to cool everyone off during hot weather at an outdoor event.

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