Getting Ready to Move Out

Most Americans will move a number of times in their life, and this happens especially often during young adulthood. Many of today’s young adults rent their living space rather than buy it, and it is relatively easy for a renter to move as often as once per year. And even homeowners sometimes put their property up for sale and move somewhere else, and small businesses are known to do something similar. Moving out takes some work, and a local moving company can provide all kinds of assistance. Not only can local movers provide trucks and trailers for hauling items, but junk removal services are also helpful in many cases. Not all items in the office or household are going to come along for the move, so these junk removal services are important for hauling away items that are too large for a trash can or local Dumpster. Moving services relocate desired items; junk removal services get rid of the rest. A mover should contact both parties.

Preparing to Move

After a person or business owner has decided to relocate somewhere, they will decide where they are going and when moving day will be. Once that is decided, it is easier to form a schedule for hiring moving services and junk removal services alike to prepare ahead of time. Moving an entire household is a lot of work in any case, but it helps to slim down that inventory and get rid of items that are not needed. The average American household has an incredible 300,000 items in it, ranging from books and forks to electronic devices and couches. So, the household’s members can assess their inventory and decide what comes along, and what must go.

One strategy is to gather items by category rather than by room of origin, since items of the same type might be found in multiple rooms. Clothing is a category all by itself, which also includes shoes, hats, scarves, etc. Everyone can gather the clothes into a single pile for convenient access, and then carefully decide which clothes to keep and which can be donated instead. Redundant or worn out clothe can be packaged in boxes or bags to donate to local charities, which both clears up closet space and aids needy families. Meanwhile, the movers can also do this for books (such as donate to libraries), electronic items, kids’ toys, and hobby items.

As for furniture and vehicles, desired items will be packed into the moving trucks or trailers, and others can be put into remote storage sites for later use. Bear in mind that self-storage companies are entirely separate from moving companies. Desks, tables, filing cabinets, and even cars and RVs can be stored at those sites.

Large junk, meanwhile, or a lot of smaller junk items, may be difficult to dispose of unless junk removal services are called upon. Such services will offer one or more trucks and the crew needed to place all items inside, and then the junk is hauled away for proper disposal. A small company may hire these as well, such as disposing of old or damaged furniture or stock items. Display racks, desks, chairs, and the like can all be disposed of with junk removal services.

Moving Day

Bear in mind that some moving companies can travel a great distance for their clients, while others can only travel a short distance, such a within the same county or city. A client can find one online that is right for them, and book it. When the moving vehicles arrive, the staff might help their clients load larger items such as mattresses and tables into a truck or trailer, as well as load cardboard boxes of items. Ideally, these boxes and furniture pieces are packed tightly, so nothing can jostle around or fall over. Placing the heaviest boxes on bottom is a good idea, and padding and containing straps can be used to keep items secure. Lastly, note that large moving trucks might have a hard time navigating narrow roads close to the destination. So, the goods can be unloaded into a smaller truck to complete the delivery, and this may require a few trips.

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