Does Your Family Have a Move Planned for This Summer?

Moving is rarely easy. It is a process that involve emotions and finances, challenges and struggles. When you make the decision to work with local professional moving companies, however, you can eliminate some of the stresses that come with some of lives most difficult transitions. In fact, taking the time to search for best movers near me you can make sure that you are taking care of the logistics of what can be a very emotionally taxing time.

And while no moving company can help you adjust to the fact that you are moving away from neighbors who have known your children since they were born, by locating the best movers near me can help you know that your belongings will arrive on time and be in perfect condition.

Moving from One City to Another Is One of Life’s Most Stressful Events

Although a move can happen at any time, most Americans, when given the option, choose to move in the summer. In fact, using the year 2016 as an example, 13.9% of moves occurred in June. With this information in mind, it may come as no surprise that December was the least popular month to move with only 3.3% selecting that month in the statistics from that same year. Making in move when children are not in the middle of the school year and when the weather is more manageable can lessen the stress that comes along with everything that is involved in the relocation process.

While your move may be because of a work promotion or an extenuating family situation, there are some other common statistics that outline what a typical move in the U.S. is like:

  • 62% of movers in the year 2017 remained in the same county after their relocation.
  • Representing around 35.1 million people, the average annual percent of Americans who move is 11.2%.
  • Using everything from professional movers to old station wagons, approximately 35.5 million Americans move each year.
  • 39% of moves in the year 2018 were local moves.
  • The U.S. moving industry employed nearly 122,000 people in 2018.

Down the street, across town, or to another state, every move can be stressful. Hiring the best movers, however, can help you make the easiest transition.

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