When Was the Last Time That You Visited Your Gynecologist?

Pregnancy is a blessing that not all are able to share. For some, pregnancy happens, but it is only after many tests, procedures, and months, sometimes years, of anguish. Fortunately, there are many hormone therapy options that allow people to experience the joy of childbirth. And while infertility solutions are one of the ways that hormone research has helped enrich people’s lives, there are also a number of other ways that hormone work has impacted many people.

From anti aging clinics that offer hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to clinics that offer menopause solutions, there are many times when women find themselves looking for a better way to live their lives.

Could Hormone Therapy Help You Live a More Full Life?
Many women are used to visiting the local gynecologist for their yearly visits, but there are fewer who take advantage of the latest HRT options. And while the mean age at menopause is 51, some women are only in their 30s when they first experience these symptoms. Although many of us may think that early menopause is purely a physical thing, but the reality is that life-long depression and financial hardship may lead to early menopause, according to two separate studies in 2003.

Consider some of these other facts and figures about the many times when HRT and other hormone treatment options may be an advantage:

  • Before contacting their doctor or healthcare professional about available options, women under age 35 should try to get pregnant for one year.
  • Despite increasing life expectancy, the average age at menopause has not changed for several centuries.
  • In addition to assisted reproductive technology, infertility can be treated with medicine, surgery, and intra-uterine insemination.
  • A woman is classified as being in menopause and for the remainder of her life is described as post-menopausal experienced once she has gone 12 months without a period.
  • Women who lived through extended periods of economic hardship were also are also more likely to begin the physical transition into menopause earlier, according to a report published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.
  • Smoking as few as five cigarettes a day each has been associated with lower fertility rates in both women and men.

Not everyone who wants to get pregnant is successful. Unfortunately, not every woman who has faced difficulty getting pregnant takes advantage of the latest options that are available.

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