Taking A Much Closer Look At Why You Should Donate Your Clothing Here In The United States

With nearly three quarters (around 70%, to be just a little bit more exact) of the entire population of the United States donating to charity over the course of just one year, it is no surprise that charitable donations are hugely commonplace in this country. In fact, nearly 5% of the total collective income of people living here in the United States will go towards charitable organizations. Unfortunately, giving a monetary amount is not always possible for everyone, as struggling with money is not uncommon here in the United States. Far too many people are living paycheck to paycheck and, while not necessarily in need of charity themselves, certainly don’t have the money to part with.

Fortunately, there are other ways to give back, such as in the form of donating old clothing to a red cross pickup. Red Cross donations in particular are very needed indeed, as Red Cross centers do a great deal of work here in the United States. In fact, the typical American Red Cross center is open every single hour of the day – and every day of the year as well, including minor and major holidays alike. For many American Red Cross centers, the flow of people in need of their services is many. And the services themselves are quite varied, ranging from food to blankets to clothing to shelter to even blood, should it be deemed to be necessary for any given person. Therefore, making used clothing donations to a red cross pickup site or a red cross donation center is likely to be hugely appreciated.

And taking the time to donate old clothing to a red cross pickup site will have a number of other benefits as well. For instance, such donations to red cross pickup sites throughout the country will have a profound environmental impact as well. As the average person will throw away as many as ten pounds of clothing in just the course of one single year, reducing your personal amount of waste produced can have a profound environmental impact. And reducing this waste is easy when you give your old clothing to a red cross pickup site in your neighborhood.

Keeping old clothes out of landfills is a matter of growing importance, after all, as the waste problem faced by the United States and the truly the world as a whole only continues to grow in scale as the years pass on. In fact, up to ten and a half million tons of clothing are sent to landfills every single year – and that’s only just here in the United States, let alone elsewhere throughout the world. However, even though we only donate around 15% of our old clothing, the clothing donations make by people throughout the country have already made a difference. At the current date, more than five and a half billion pounds of clothing are already being kept out of landfills on a yearly basis, a number that will hopefully only continue to grow as the years pass on.

And donating to a red cross pickup site can be beneficial for the person who is donating as well. After all, more clothing is consumed now than ever before. Over the course of just one single year, a single person living here in the United States will now purchase and consume as many as 68 individual garments – and up to seven pairs of shoes. This means that the average person is more likely than not to be dealing with some sort of clutter in their home. And as the typical home here in the United States also has up to 300,000 objects in it, no matter how big or how small it might be, there are certainly many benefits to decluttering it and clearing it out in the form of donations sent to a red cross pickup site. The average person might find it hard to part with much of their clothing, but biting the bullet and doing so is likely to lead to a better quality of life at the end of the day.

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