Cluttered Lives Affect Our Mental And Physical Health Five Storage Tips To Get Your Week Back On Track

Clutter has a way of dragging everything down.

Think about the last time you lost your keys and spent precious minutes digging around your house before running out to the car, late for your apartment. What about that time you attempted to find a favorite article of clothing in your closet and felt like you were navigating a black hole? This is an issue that affects everyone, in one way or another, and something you can change with a little creativity. Organization and crafting is becoming a popular hobby for many Americans today, manifesting as day long or week long projects with huge benefits. Think your workweek could use a little more structure?

Pick up these five tips on craft storage solutions and see how they can improve your life mentally, physically, and financially.

Practice Craft Storage Solutions For Your Bedroom

We all learn to make our beds and pick up our toys at a young age. This doesn’t mean we keep this wisdom in adulthood. If you’re in the constant position of sprucing up your room throughout the week, you might be in need of some cube storage solutions. According to an interesting study by the National Soap And Detergent Association, nearly 80% of household clutter is due to disorganization, not a lack of space! Cube storage solutions can be easily stacked atop each other, giving you easy access to your clothes, shoes, and knick-knacks.

Use Cubes Craft Or An Entryway Organizer Near Your Front Door

Stop rushing out of the household after a search and rescue option! When you keep losing your keys to the car or that application, there’s a home and storage organization solution ready to help. The Daily Mail found that, over the course of a lifetime, people will spend 3,600 hours searching for lost items. That’s over 150 days! Keeping a simple box or organizer near your kitchen or front door will give you a place to start looking first when it’s time to leave Monday morning.

Pick Up An Artistic Hobby To Improve Your Mental Wellness

Chronic stress is a huge detriment to our health. It chews away at our immune system, leaving us more open to falling ill, and can affect our ability to fall asleep at night. When the workweek is leaving you moody and exhausted, a new artistic hobby can stitch you back together…literally! The British Journal Of Occupational Therapy found that crafting releases dopamine. Their study saw 80% of respondents with depression stating they felt much happier after a knitting session.

Create A Lucrative Side-Gig For Some Extra Disposable Income

Think you could use a little more money in your life? Take that relaxing hobby and sell some of those results! Etsy surveyed over 5,000 of its American sellers recently, finding out 95% of them worked from home and nearly 75% viewed their shops as a side-business. Thanks to the Internet it’s easy to set up a shop, create a profile, and get to work. You can sell homemade blankets, cute stuffed animals, or stylish earrings to a wide audience…once you figure out your shipping costs, of course!

Craft A More Organized And Well-Functioning Home From The Ground Up

Craft storage solutions aren’t just a cute trend. They’re a way of reclaiming your space and making the most out of what you have. The Wall Street Journal reported the average American executive wastes nearly six weeks every year searching for important documents. The U.S. Department Of Energy also found that 25% of people with two-car garages fill them with so much stuff they can’t even park their car! Craft storage solutions are as varied as we are, filling in the gaps and helping us move forward.

A magazine holder organizer or modular cube storage for your shoes could open the doors to a more organized week. Why not give it a try?

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