Hospital Stays Come with Long Lists of Medical Claims and Insurance Filings

There are some things in life that you really do not know about until you find yourself in the most desperate of situations. If, for instance, you have ever found yourself dealing with the difficult decisions that are required with end of life care then you might know about the important role that hospice services can play. If you have been fortunate enough to never have to face this situation yet, then you might not realize the compassion and care that a hospice staff can offer. And while several of these locations have many paid staff members, they also rely on the soulful care of volunteers. In fact, after a family has made use of hospice care services in the past, they may find themselves looking for ways to give back.
Many hospice care services have a number of volunteers who have had a loved one receive these important end of life services. Once a family member has seen their loved one comforted and cared for in a setting that allows the patient to spend their last days in dignity, a logical next step is to want to help the next family who is facing a similar situation.

Hospice Care Facilities Offer Hope to Many Individuals and Families
Did you know that an estimated 20% of the U.S. population will be over the age of 65 by the year 2030? This statistic alone is an indicator of how important end of life care will continue to be in the future. As more and more families make decisions that are in the best interest of their loved one, in fact, there are many times when families transition from a hospital setting to a hospice setting. These hospice locations, however, are reliant on not only trained medical staff, but also caring volunteers who are looking for a way to give back.

Although you may have never heard about this important end of life care option before, the fact of the matter is that Senators Frank Church and Frank E. Moss first introduced hospice legislation to provide funding for these programs back in 1974. And while this may still seem like a recently developed approach, there are many indicators that comfort care has long been a part of many civilizations. In fact, the history of hospice dates back to the 11th century, when a religious order of monks established hospitals along a pilgrimage road leading to Jerusalem. Because hospice care services typically start after a formal referral has been made, there are many families who do not understand this option until it is needed. Because of the immediate need, a hospice representative will visit the patient within 48 hours of that referral. For many families this is the first step in finding comfort for their loved ones during the last days of their lives.

If you are looking for a meaningful way to make a difference in the New Year, volunteering at a local hospice center may be the perfect opportunity.

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