Time to Update the Interior Design of Your House? Try some of these Helpful Tips

According to interior designers, a room’s decor should be updated every five to 10 years. Whether you are in need of a complete transformation or simply hoping to update a few pieces of furniture, these tips can help.

Updating a Small Space

Smaller rooms and spaces can be difficult to decorate. There is often the fear of over decorating, which can cause these small spaces to appear even smaller than they actually are. To avoid creating a cluttered appearance, try using pieces and tricks that can make the spaces feel larger.

For example, painting smaller rooms using lighter and softer colors can make the room feel larger. Hanging up mirrors are also a great way to add the appearance of space into a room by creating more dimension in the space. As an added bonus, mirrors are also a nice way to increase the lighting in a room.

Introduce a Mixture of Patterns and Textures

Adding a variety of textures and patterns to a space is a great way to update the decor. The key to making different patterns and textures work with each other in a space is to choose a color scheme that will tie all of the pieces together.

Mission style living room furniture, for example, is a great way to bring pieces together in a room because the focus on those pieces is the texture of the wood. If you place a colorfully printed rug underneath a mission style table, you are able to introduce two new textures and colors that work together without clashing.

Indulge in Bedroom Decor

It can be easy to overlook the updating of your bedroom furniture because it is not a space that is typically on display. However, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take the time to update this decor.

A mission style bedroom set, for example, is a great way to update your bedroom design because they are of high quality and they add a sense of elegance to any bedroom. Adding a mission style bedroom set offer you the case to update bed frames, the bedroom dresser, or bedside tables. There is even mission style lighting available if you want to complete the look for your bedroom.

Look for Quality Furniture

Whether you decide on a new loveseat or a mission style bedroom set, what matters is that you choose pieces that are of high quality. Investing in high quality furniture will help ensure that the pieces will last and hold up well for as long as you need them to.

The desire to redecorate should come from wanting to update the interior design of your home, not because the furniture is falling to pieces. Choosing furniture that is of good quality will help you avoid that problem and give you pieces to love for years to come.

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