The Best Ideas for Organizing Your Stackable Cubes

Whether you’re trying to organize your kids’ room, want to make your craft room more accessible, or even want to expand your home business, there’s a lot you can do with an affordable, stackable cubes storage system. Once you have your stackable cube storage system in place, organization become simple and intuitive.

So, Tell Me What to Do…

Everyone’s mind works differently. People organize in different ways according to what works best for them. One person’s brilliant organizational system is another person’s nightmare. To get this right, you need to consider some ideas, get yourself some home organization furniture, and then engage in a bit of trial and error until you find the thing that works for you. Once you hit on the right stackable cube storage system, you won’t even have to think about it anymore. You’ll know right where everything is and know right where to put it when you’re done with it.

Organizational Ideas

Here are a few ideas for setting up the right storage system for what you need.

Organize Your Cube Shelf Drawers

The first thing to consider is where and how you’ll stack your cubes:

  • Stack them against the wall vs. Stack them in the center The first gives you more space in the room. The second lets you use the cube storage from two sides. One side can face in one direction and hold items of one sort, the other side faces a different direction and can hold entirely different items.
  • Stack them high vs Stack them long You can put just two or three next to each other and stack them up almost to the ceiling. Or, you can stack them low and long along an entire wall. The former works great if there are things you want to have up high or don’t want to bend to reach. The latter is good for keeping everything down at kid level.
  • Stack them neat vs Stack them “messy”There is no true “messy” here, but your stackable cube storage system doesn’t have to look like a perfect rectangle. It canif that’s what you prefer, but you can also do some interesting off-center and angled stacks to add visual interest to a room and reflect your creative style.

Take Advantage of the Space

When you’re faced with those cubes, you might initially think they waste a lot of space. Think instead of how they provide nearly endlessly creative ways of organizing space.

  • Store tall things. The first and most obvious use of that square space is for storing tall items that you couldn’t otherwise normally fit on a shelf.
  • Add interior shelving.Kitchen organizers or bathroom organizers at your local big box store will work beautifully in a stackable cube storage system. Use them to give yourself two or even three separate shelves within one cube.
  • Don’t forget the sides.Use the middle space traditionally, but get some hanging organizers to take advantage of all that side space.
  • Install rolling drawers and baskets.If you don’t want to be hunting in the dark back of the cube space, get some drawers or baskets that you can simply slide in and out. Bonus: these can add beauty and flair to your hobby organizer.

Don’t Forget to Label

Not everyone needs to label, but most of us do better when things are labeled clearly. One of the problems with labeling, though, is that we tend to put out the labels and only later find that we want to adjust the system. Fortunately, there are some options here.

One thing to try is plastic shelf label holders. These let you take replace the labels as often as you like. You can also get metal label holders to slide labels in and out of. Attach the label holder to your cube, but change out the label whenever you like.

Another option is to get a label maker and inexpensive label tape. It might not stick all that long, but if you know you’ll want to change the labels on a regular basis, that won’t actually matter in the long run.

These are just a few ideas for how to set up your perfect stackable cube storage system. In the end, it doesn’t matter what system you use: just do what works for you.

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