Three Tips to Update the Interior of your Resort

Resorts come in all shapes and sizes, from luxury escapes in Dubai to the mom and pop camp lodge. However, nearly all of them will need to make updates to their interior design from time to time in order to stay relevant. Some resort owners start big by planning complete renovations, but you can always refresh a business with things like a fresh coat of paint, quality commercial outdoor furniture, and new, commercial grade mattresses. As you make plans to reinvigorate the design of your resort, here are a few tips to make your resort look the best it’s ever been.

When in doubt, opt for a residential feel.

According to Theresa Parsons of the New York-based Selfridge Design, homeowners and residential interior designers are increasingly stealing ideas from the hospitality industry. Good quality wholesale furniture, adirondack chairs, and attractive-yet-homey condo furniture in hotels and resorts can withstand wear and tear from guests every year, and wealthy homeowners and designers are taking note. If it would look good in your home, it will look good in your resort.

Pull from your environment.

Resorts attract people from outside your city or region, and travelers will look for lodgings that reflect the local culture. Using commercial outdoor furniture or hotel furniture that pays homage to the community’s history, it’s unique culture, or your resort’s origins are always a plus. You can also opt for a few niche accent pieces–for example, an antique loveseat or a sculpture from a local artist–and work with your furniture wholesaler to match the design and feel of your existing pieces.

Work with a great interior designer…or not.

Designers can help elevate the look and feel of your resort and suggest a sleek professional aesthetic. However, doing your own redecoration ensures that you can put your own distinctive stamp on your business. Only you and your staff truly know the culture of your hotel or resort and what makes it unique. Interior designers are great for elevating an aging resort or for working with run-of-the-mill hotels and casinos, so if you decide to bring one on, be sure they’re willing to work with you to convey your vision and to tell your hotel’s story.

Of course, not every room or condo needs a commercial sleeping chair and jacuzzi. Just by taking the time to invest in a few quality pieces, having nice common areas with updated meeting spaces and nice commercial outdoor furniture, and tying the theme of your into every room, you can take your resort’s Trip Advisor ratings from good to great.

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