Four Things to Plan Out for Your Wedding

Getting married is an exciting time in your life. You and your new partner are waiting to get started together planning a life of love and excitement. But before all that can happen, you need to be sure your wedding is ready to go. How do you get started and know what comes first? Discover the four most important things you need to have ready when planning your dream wedding.

Pick a Day and Month

After you’ve agreed to get married, you need to pick a month and day for your wedding Ideally, this is something that has special meaning to you. June is one of the most popular months to get married in, but some couples opt to have their anniversary around holidays such as Christmas or New Years. Pay attention to when you plan this out because it might be difficult to book wedding halls during certain times of the year. If nothing else, plan early. This gives you an edge over everyone else getting married around the same time.
>Where the Ceremony is Being Held

It used to be that many people elected to get married inside a church. Outdoor weddings have become increasingly popular, and over 30% of them occur on a regular basis. This can be a welcome change and something fun for people to experience during the warm summer or early fall months. Think about what type of ceremony you want to have and what has special meaning for you. If celebrating outdoors seems like a great way to save money on flowers and enjoy beautiful scenery, use this opportunity to do so.

Figure Out Places for Wedding Receptions

Places for wedding receptions can be a difficult task. Do you go with a hotel a church or a private residence? This depends on you and your needs. If you’re planning on having a large party or want to ensure there’s plenty of room for all your guests, make a point to choose someplace large with plenty of room. Of course, there are places for wedding receptions that are small and intimate if that is something you believe you and your guests would prefer. The average couple invites over 100 people to their wedding, so think about how many people you’d like to come and how much room you’ll have for everyone; then you can plan accordingly.

Decide What’s for Dinner

Dinner is one of the hardest parts of a wedding to figure out. Wedding planner packages usually offer couples the chance to choose a meal (or a set of meals for their guests) that they think would be a hit. You can choose a small variety for folks with have special dietary needs, allowing them to enjoy your special day and the food that goes with it. Also, think about alcohol, and how much you plan on offering guests that day. This could include a limited bar or open bar, depending on what people want and how much you’d like to pay for.

There is a lot to consider when planning a wedding. From finding places for wedding receptions to picking out the meal and who will serve in your wedding, there are so many details to go over. Start early, and don’t let planning stress you out. Remember that the wedding should be fun, and not something that causes frustration. Take lots of pictures that you can treasure forever, and remember this special day that you and your partner made a commitment to one another.

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