Why You Should Consider Renting a Bounce House for that Next Party

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If you’re planning a children’s party anytime soon you might consider renting a bounce house as part of the entertainment. Not only are bounce house fun for kids to jump in but they also make quite a statement being a large and colorful addition to the party.

There are of course some safety concerns to have in mind when kids are using bounce houses, but luckily most parents actually stay with their kids at birthday parties for this very reason. Rather than leave their kid’s safety up to the parent who is hosting the party, they decide to take it into their own hands. This is particularly true when the children are under the age of ten.

There are usually different weight limitations for inflatables which limit the number of people who can be using them at once. Luckily most children’s parties are relatively small to begin with, somewhere between ten and 25. A great way to keep all the kids off the inflatables at once is to have a variety of activities going at one time.

Jumping in a bounce house can actually be a good way for kids to get some exercise. It feels like fun but when people are jumping they are actually using 14 different muscles in the body. In fact, NASA has stated that just ten minutes of jumping is a more effective cardiovascular workout than 30 minutes of running. Good to know!

The process of renting a bounce house should be a fairly straightforward one. There are lots of great companies that are renting out inflatables and accessories like inflatable slides and obstacle courses. It fact, the options for renting these sort of items might actually be going up, since the popularity of inflatables has. Inflatables were first created 50 years ago, and the market has been steadily growing since. Forecasts from Technavio have projected that the market for inflatable toys will grow to $5.72 billion by 2021. Talk about popular items.

It’s easy to understand the draw of bounce houses and other inflatable items whether or not you have actually spent much time playing on them yourself. They are out of the ordinary compared to everyday life which makes them exciting and a treat. What better way to offer fun and memorable fun at a kid’s party than to provide them with some bounce houses.

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