Why Move Your Household When You Can Have a Professional Moving Service Help You?

Commercial moving

Moving can be a challenging process, particularly if you’re relocating from the neighborhood that you grew up in. Were you aware that 63% of adults within this country have moved out of their hometowns at least once over the course of their lives? Another 37% have never left, and when they do move, they find a new place to live within the same community.

When it’s time to move, however, it’s time to move. That said, many Americans, renters in particular, will move once a year. Recent data shows that 33% of renters do so, while the proverbial average American moves around 12 times throughout their life.

While some people may consider Friday to be part of the weekend, you’d think that more people would choose to move on Saturday or Sunday. Recent statistics show, however, that Fridays tend to be the busiest moving day. In 2016 alone, moving services handled 19.45% of the moves that occurred on this day of the week. If you’re planning to use a moving service, you may want to schedule your move well ahead of time or choose a different day.

It’s also interesting to note that in general, people within the United States decide to move over the summer months. In 2016, for example, 13.9% of the moves occurred during the month of June. The least popular time to move, however, was December of that year. Just 3.3% of people moved during that month. Given the holidays and school vacations, this is not surprising.

Furniture aside, have you figured out how many boxes you’ll need to move your other belongings? Since there are about 300,000 items in the average home, you may need quite a few boxes to pack up all of your things. Whether you’re moving into a smaller, larger, or about the same-sized place, you may still discover that you want to downsize. This is one of the many reasons Americans choose to rent off-site storage. Recent information shows that this is the case with one out of every ten people. There’s a good chance that you’re one of these individuals.

When you hire a professional moving service, they can take some of your belongings to your new home and others to a full-service storage facility. Once you get settled into your new place, you can visit your storage unit to go through everything that you didn’t put in your new place. This can be be an excellent option if you didn’t have the time to choose which items to keep and which to donate to friends, family, or charitable causes.

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