Four Furniture Styles for Your Rental Property

Largo furniture

Homes are special places, and we want them to reflect and accommodate our style, make us happy, be comfortable to live in, and welcome our guests. Furniture is a pretty important part of home decor, and can make or break the look of our indoors. The U.S. Department of Commerce reports that furniture sales are up. In June of 2017, we’d spent $9.51 billion on furniture, where June of 2016 was $9.27 billion.

Furniture is a huge part of our economy, too. There are, according to the Census Bureau, 87,000 furniture establishments employing over 500,000 people, bringing in $120 million annually in profits. One huge area of furniture buying these days is outfitting rental properties. From Largo furniture to Adirondack chairs, rental property furniture and commercial outdoor furniture are also big business.

Rental properties may not be quite as personal as our own homes, but they still need to meet the needs of those we hope to rent to. They should still accommodate the lifestyle of those who rent and be comfortable to live in. They need to be welcoming, and of course they should make renters happy. If you’re in the process of outfitting a commercial property and are trying to decide between different pieces of Largo furniture or choices of commercial dining furniture, here are four decorating styles to consider as you make your choices:


This decorating style is reminiscent of the turn-of-the-century. Some of its key features are exposed steel, brick, leather, and distressed wood. The style tends to feel rustic, but in a different way from country or cabin looks, and can be done in a lighter look or a darker design depending on your tastes. A lot of Largo furniture will fit into this style, as will older unique pieces.

Seaside Shanty

Pieces in this style are usually easy to acquire from wholesale furniture suppliers. The design looks warm and positive; reminiscent of a beach house. It utilizes a lot of coastal designs and gives you tremendous option for decorative accents. Seashells, old maps and charts, ropes, jars, and many other items can round up the look of a nautical seaside property. The basic colors are usually white or cream, with blue usually the primary accent color.


You might think of IKEA when you hear Scandinavian furniture, but there are many more, and sometimes better, options available. The features of Scandinavian decor are a balance of modern and engineered materials with organic and natural looks. Gentle lines and contours are also key. Popular color tones include white, gray, black, and brown.


Another popular look for rental properties is a farm house or cabin design. These designs complement nature and incorporate traditional elements. Some Largo furniture pieces can fit into this category, and Adirondack chairs are also a popular look. The furniture often features distressed wood and linens, with beiges and white as the foundational colors of choice. Brighter colors as accent are also beautiful.

There are many other styles of decorating the could work in your space. It’s useful to know what the renters you’re shooting for would most appreciate. It’s also helpful to match your rental property style to the zeitgeist of the neighborhood. Also, don’t be afraid to mix styles. This can be effective under the right circumstances. Whatever you do, make sure that your interior design is meeting your goals. Get more here.

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