The 7 Benefits to Organic Bedding for Your Baby

Organic king sheets

More and more consumers are turning to organic products for the things they use every day. in 2016, the sales of organic products, that were not foods, went up by about 8.8%. Millennials, in particular, are very interested in picking materials and products that are good for the environment. About 38% recently told pollsters they thought about this when making purchases for their homes. As a consequence, natural baby products have become more popular and much more readily available.

If you are looking to create a space for a new baby, you may wonder what the best bedding is. It has been estimated that newborns spend anywhere between 10 and 18 hours a day sleeping. Here are some reasons to consider organic bedding products for your baby:

  1. Organic sheets are free of insecticides. Many people assume that when they buy cotton, they are buying a natural product. What they may not know is that at least one quarter of all insecticides that are used around the globe are used on cotton. By contrast, organic sheets are made from organic cotton and have not been exposed to these dangerous chemicals. There are a number of reasons this good for you and your baby.
  2. Organic sheet sets are free of harsh dyes. Just because you want to get natural baby products does not mean you do not want them to look good in your home. You do not have to give up style for safety and health. Organic bedding sets are dyed with low impact coloring products. You can feel good knowing that they use no heavy metals or other potentially unhealthy chemicals in the dying process.
  3. Less water is used making organic bedding materials. Water is essential to life as we know it yet billions of people lack access to clean water. This is a global problem that you cannot fix on your own but when you buy products such as organic sheets and natural baby products, you can feel better knowing that the process to make the cotton for your sheets uses a lot less water than is used making conventional cotton.
  4. Your sheets are made from a process that will not contaminate ground water. Making organic materials uses less of the chemicals that ruin the water supply. Not only are you supporting a process that uses less water but you do less to hurt the planet’s water supply when you buy natural baby products.
  5. You support better labor policies. When you buy natural baby products, you are buying from companies that have better labor policies than conventional cotton. This is not to say that all makers of conventional cotton treat their workers badly but when you buy organic cotton products, you know you are buying from manufacturers who do not use sweat shop labor. This makes buying organic baby products good for your baby and babies all over the planet.
  6. Your organic bedding will be less irritating to your baby’s skin. Babies have very sensitive skin. The products used to make organic bedding have less chemicals and other irritants that can bother a baby and cause skin rashes. This makes buying natural baby products a much healthier option. The last thing in the world that you need is for your baby’s bedding to keep them from sleeping through the night.
  7. Babies need cleaner products. Not only is a baby’s skin more sensitive, so too are their lungs and nervous systems. The same chemicals that can be irritating to a baby’s sensitive skin but they can also be hurtful to their respiratory and nervous systems. The less contact they have with irritating chemicals, the better they (and you) will feel.

When it comes to buying natural baby products, never before have consumers had the number of options they have today. That is a very good thing. As people become more and more aware of the potential harm (and good) they can do by being more careful with the products they choose to buy, the world is becoming a safer and more healthy place to be. Buying natural baby products is a great place to start.

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