Three Safety Tips For Moving To a New Apartment!

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Moving is a fact of life. Many people move every year, in fact, estimates are that nearly 35.9 million Americans move every year. That’s around 10% of the country on the move every year! Moving to new houses, new apartments, new cities or states, even countries! Rentals, especially rental apartments, make up a fair percentage, around 36.90% of households according to a Census ACS from 2014. But when you move, there’s one thing you have to keep in mind, especially in apartments.


Apartment safety is a bit more tricky than home safety, as you have to worry about the other tenants in your apartment complex as well as your own family. Not in the same way, of course, but in that the other tenants could vandalize or take your possessions. Not that all tenants are like this, but the threat is there. So, for your safety, we’re going to talk about the various things you can do to ensure your apartment safety.

  • The Building

    Is the building well kept? Does it look like it’s falling apart? If it looks like it’s in a good state of repair, then that means that the landlord cares about the presentation of the apartment, and may care more about safety. It doesn’t need to be a luxury rental apartment, but it shouldn’t be falling apart! Also, make sure they lighting is good, as lighting allows you to spot questionable figures easier.
  • Research the Area!

    Look into the area. Check the safety rating, maybe check online for what people have said about it, locals in the area that can offer an insight into what living there is like. Check apartment guides and rental sites, reviews of the company that owns the building, past tenants, etc. Make sure it’s everything they make it out to be. It doesn’t hurt to be safe.
  • Check the Entryways!

    This one is super important. What kind of system does the apartment have for its doorways? Can anyone enter? Is it locked so only tenants can? How is it locked? Keypad, bolt lock, card, fob-swipe? Keeping out non-guests or non-residents is a vital part of keeping the complex safe!
  • Apartment safety is an important part of moving to a new rental. You don’t want to move and find out you just placed yourself in danger! Make sure you do your research and be thorough!

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