Why You Should Consider Donating To American Red Cross

Donate clothes to red cross

How do you give to charity? Are you someone that likes to have furniture yard sales during the summer or someone who prefers to give away gently used appliances when they don’t fit your lifestyle anymore? Whatever your particular reason may be, charity donations are a fantastic way of helping out your environment, fellow human being and personal budget all in one fell swoop. American Red Cross clothing donations are widely considered one of the best ways of supporting various industries, with only a little effort on your part with results that can be felt for years to come.

Charity Trends

Did you know 70% of Americans will donate to charity every year? This totals up to 3% of total American income, with the annual value contributed to non-profits in particular seeing a yearly total of $650 billion. While these numbers may seem impressive now, they still struggle to put a dent in the environmental strain that is starting to crop up across the country. Your Red Cross donation center works night and day to reverse these statistics and create a cleaner, happier world for all.

Environmental Necessities

Our world takes care of us, so it makes sense we need to take care of it in turn. Landfills are a side-effect of heavily populated and complex societies, holding all the human waste accumulated day after day. However, they can negatively impact the air, harm nearby animals and have long-term financial consequences for equipment and fashion industries. According to studies conducted by the EPA, Americans throw away an average of 10 pounds of clothing per person.

Recycling Habits

Recycling is more than just a trendy habit. It’s a great way of reusing materials and giving back to your local economy. American Red Cross clothing donations reuse and re-purpose all sorts of textiles, such as cotton, spandex, latex and wool. Americans consume nearly 20 billion garments every single year — that’s as many as 68 garments and seven pairs of shoes per person!

Tax Deduction

Another side-effect of contributing to American Red Cross clothing donations is putting a dent in your yearly or quarterly taxes. Tax-deductible donations of clothing as well as household items and furniture collected by a charitable organization can be put toward your taxes — just make sure to keep your receipts on hand and double-check with the IRS as to the amount needed to be considered tax deductible.

American Red Cross Clothing Donations

Does helping out the environment and giving your taxes a breather sound like something you’d be interested in? American Red Cross clothing donations have you covered. Not only is it a wonderful task helping out your environment at large and giving your local economy more materials to work with, it just feels good to help out. Studies have shown 60% of high net worth donors citing ‘giving back to the community’ as their biggest motivation for donating, with the American National Red Cross the 13th largest American charity as ranked by private donations. If you’re worried about your schedule, just contact Red Cross pickup to receive your clothes right at your front door.

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