The Essential Party Event Rentals Checklist

Table linen rentals

No matter what kind of event you’re planning — a dream wedding, a backyard party, even street festivals for the neighborhood — there are a few items every get-together needs. Instead of spending big bucks on big-ticket items you might only use once or once a year, it can be easier and more economical to rent.

Here’s a party event rentals checklist every planner should follow. It could save you time, money, and a lot of hassle in your prep, set-up, and tear-down!

  • Party Tent
    Every outdoor event needs a tent rental, if only just for insurance. If your big day falls on a weekend of inclement weather, you don’t want to be put out completely. Tents also help on especially hot days, letting people find an easy source of shade. Plus, it’ll help keep critters out of the food!
  • Linens
    Don’t waste a lot of money on paper or plastic tablecloths that look tacky and clog up landfills. You can rent linens that are high quality and stylish for a very affordable price. Best of all, the rental companies will usually do the cleaning for you!
  • Dinnerware
    The same goes for your plates, silverware, and drinking glasses. When you offer coffee or tea at a party, for example, 80% of guests will accept. While styrofoam coffee cups might be easy to toss in the trash, they’re bad for the environment and leave that weird taste in your mouth. Go the extra mile for real dinnerware so your guests feel right at home.
  • Sound System
    Don’t count on your laptop computer speakers to pump enough volume to get the party going! Outdoor events in particular need music party event rentals to accommodate for the space, size, and rowdiness of your party. A designated DJ will know how to keep the event flowing according to the reactions of the crowd.

Planning an event requires organizing hundreds of tiny details, not least of all finding companies to provide you with the party event rentals you need. But it’s worth the investment if it means making sure that all of your guests have a good time and go home with the most precious parting gift of all — memories!

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