Where to Find Ibogaine Clinics Across the World

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Despite repeated results and findings among former addicts that ibogaine can eliminate upwards of 98% of all opiate withdrawal symptoms and greatly reduce feelings of post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS), ibogaine is still illegal in the United States, classified as a Schedule I controlled substance.

Ibogaine therapy for treating opiate addiction, cocaine addiction, oxycontin addiction, alcohol addiction, adderall addiction, and more has its fair share of controversy. Essentially, you attempt to cure one drug addiction by tripping on another, more powerful drug. Ibogaine is a powerful psychedelic known to produce hallucinogenic effects for as long as 36 hours. But after taking it just once, many former addicts report they have no cravings for their previous drugs of choice — at all.

A lack of rigorous scientific study for ibogaine treatments has left U.S. officials unconvinced that the therapy is safe or effective. But there are other parts of the world where ibogaine clinics are up and running under full consent of the law. Here’s a geographical breakdown of where you can find this kind of treatment:

Ibogaine is an “unscheduled” drug in Canada and Mexico, meaning that while it’s not illegal, it’s not exactly approved by medical professionals yet, either. Nevertheless, you can find ibogaine clinics operating under legal “gray zones” in both of America’s more liberal neighbors.

It’s also largely unscheduled in the United Kingdom and unregulated in Germany, though distribution is illegal in the U.K.

Ibogaine is available by prescription in New Zealand, Australia, and Sao Paolo, Brazil — and likely the rest of Brazil, soon enough.

In addition to some of the places above, you can also find prominent ibogaine clinics in Costa Rica, South Africa, and the Netherlands. Don’t go looking in Scandinavian territories north, though; it’s still illegal in Sweden and Norway.

At the same time, just because a clinic exists in a legal sense doesn’t necessarily mean it’s held to any particular standards of quality. Look for a location that offer pure pharmaceutical grade ibogaine HCl. Other, semi-synthetic drugs can sometimes be made and passed of using Voacanga africana, TA (total alkaloid), or PTA (purified total alkaloid) extracts, but these are not true ibogaine.

If you’re ready to get better, make the right choice and choose a clinic that will deliver the best quality and care possible.

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