The 4 Step Process of Putting Children to Bed

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Putting kids to bed can be nightmare. For some unexplained reason, kids all over the world simply hate being put to bed. It doesn’t matter if it is nap time or night time, the only concept of being made to go to sleep is like some sort of cruel punishment to them. It’s a common notion that parents will being stealthy ninjas trying to get out of the room of a sleeping child. You might have asked a friend with kids to go out and they replied, “Can’t. Kids are in bed already.” You might be picturing your friend’s children, peacefully laying in their pink onesie pajamas with their eyes politely closed, awaiting sleep to befall them. What’s the big deal if you wake them up and put them back to sleep later? After you read this article you will understand why that’s just not an option.

The Warning
Going to bed starts with the five or ten minute warning. This is when the parent lets their child know that bedtime is approaching. This may be accompanied by setting out their favorite pink onesie pajamas maybe with their own onesie adult pajamas. (It is very acceptable for an adult to wear pink onesie pajamas if it will make their kid do the same.) Or perhaps the parent sets an alarm and lets the children know, “when the alarm sounds in five minutes, it is time to get ready for bed.” However the warning is given, the point is that the children have now been warned…so have the parents.

The Teeth Brushing
Getting kids to brush their teeth can be difficult but with good tasting tooth paste and fun games, kids can actually like it. So, this one can sometimes go smoothly, sometimes not. Even kids who like brushing their teeth could one day decide that’s not what they want to do tonight and it will take Mom and Dad half an hour of chasing the child around before they can get them to brush their teeth.

The Pajamas
This one is particularly difficult because it solidifies that the child is indeed, going to bed. The child can be in control of this one and they know it. Should they choose to stiffen up their little bodies and refuse to put their arms and legs into their pajamas, parents then have to make a decision. Either, go to bed without pajamas and have to come in every few hours to put the blankets back on when they get kicked off during the night or force the child into the pajamas through the stiffness, kicking, screaming and tantrums. The daring ones brave the pajamas, treasuring their sleep and the rest decide one sleepless night is worth it.

The Bed
Once the child is in bed, getting them to stay there is a whole different article. Water, bathroom, snacks, story time; children are masters in the art of needs when they are supposed to be sleeping. If only they could understand that one day, they will crave much needed naps and bed time that they do not have time for. If you are the ‘cry it out’ kind of parent, you will shut the door and let the child cry themselves to sleep. Otherwise, rocking, swinging, singing, book reading, movie watching and whatever other method is used until the child is that peaceful sleeping picture you originally imagined. However, this is what the parents go through before that image is even in sight!

A comedian was talking about people without children and how they can take their time with their bed time routines before telling their significant other goodnight. He went on to say that he and his wife no longer are able to say goodnight now that they have children. When bed time comes, they stiffen their stance and say “good luck” before heading off to get the kids in bed. This perfectly depicts bed time in most house holds with children. So, judge not the pink onesie pajamas and try and be a little more understanding of parents’ plight. When they say that the children are in bed and they will rain check the dinner offer, do not try and convince them, you won’t win.

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